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Just a few things to suggest during page editing (It may seem like a bit of a rant, sorry about that)!

I've been noticing that many of the errors in the game have to do with incorrect capitalization and actual spelling of items/pokemon/terms in the game, so these are just a few minor things that we can do to make it a little neater;
   1) People tend to write "pokemon" when it should be "Pokémon" and many pages feature the uncapitalized version. Mainly the accent is a problem for editors. It should be "Pokémon" and if editors need to copy and paste the word in order to make it correct, so be it! Here it is! Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon 4 TIMES! Another word that shares a similar problem is "poke." The money has to be capitalized and have an accent as well, like "Poké" and yes, I have a hard time making the accent so I had to copy+paste it in here. Nonetheless, it got done.
     2) Capitalization of names! There's a few parts to this! Many don't capitalize the names of Pokémon or the terms correctly. Words such as "pikachu" and "poison" (like poison type/poison ailment) should be capitalized like "Pikachu" and "Poison." Also, abbreviatons such as "hp" and "wp" (Winden Pass) should also be capitalized... It's "HP" and "WP!" Lastly, names of items. Items such as "pecha scarfs" should have the big 'ol letters in the front. 
Although the problems may not be too big of a deal in long paragraphs were it may not be too easy to see them, but in columns and section titles, yeah it makes a big difference. By fixing and making these little things, it makes the pages a whole lot more organized and more free from errors. Now sorry about this pretty long "suggestion" that seems to sound a bit like a rant. Just a few things I have noticed and I wish to change for the better of the Wikia. :3
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