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Seaside Guardians

"Team-Up, Explore, Train!"
Formerly Aegis Soul Regency

Leads & Admins

Nezu Akitsu & Kymera (Leads)

Xon (Admins)


SG tries to help connect with its members mainly through:

(All SG members are encouraged to join the guild chat, but its not mandatory)

Guild Rules

The guild rules are posted within the discord guild chat. Here's the current list pulled from the channel.

(Rules Screenie Updated: 2/7/17)

More Rules to be added in the future, as needed.

Guild Base

Cherrygrove City Finished

"Cherrygrove City" Named after Johto's own Cherrygrove City, this island version based within Kymera's home has more than a few homes and 2 major buildings, it has the guild base, a tavern, a player shop, a rev. house shop, 6 rooms ("Estates"), a communication hub mixed with the estate's sales hub, two beaches and an ice cream parlor in the middle of a sand pit.

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