Ash forest

Ash Forest was a dungeon found in PMU 6. There was many traps and labyrinths there.

Dungeon Parts

The dungeon has grayish green ground, water was common too. the walls was green and the borders had trees on it like a forest.


The Pokémon here are unevolved pokemon around level 24, all recuitable. Spinda and Growlithe didn't attack unless you attack first. The Pokémon were as follows:

  • Spinda
  • Koffing 
  • Spinarak
  • Pachirisu
  • Growlithe
  • Pinsir


The items here are in majority recovery items like Oran Berries and Apples. Also in 6F was a secret room where you can get white flute using the key that Ariados drops. Also was a Kecleon Shop that solds recovery items (Oran Berry, Pecha Berry and Sitrus Berry).

  • Oran Berry
  • Pecha Berry
  • Sitrus Berry
  • Grimy Food
  • Apple
  • Blast Seed
  • Stick
  • Tiny Mushrooms
  • Big Mushroom (Floor and boss drop)
  • Moo-Moo Milk (10) (Boss drop)
  • Spider Key


The boss of this dungeon was Ariados with Spinarak as minions.


Random? No

Boss? Yes

Weather? No

Set Level? No

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