Chimeco Assembly

The Chimecho Assembly is a building in major areas such as Winden and Grassroot Town, as well as in front of some dungeons such as the Holiday Cave. It is here in which all Pokémon that the player recruits are stored. The most popular one is located near the Kangaskhan Storage building, near the south of town. 

Pokémon that are recruited go to the player's party if there is an empty slot, but when the party fills up, sending a Pokémon home sends them to this building. It's practically the PC of Pokemon Mystery Universe. However, unlike a PC, there is no set limit to how many Pokémon one can befriend. A player may have his/her four original Pokémon or may very well have a couple thousand stored in here. Each page stores ten Pokémon.


Chimeco Assembly menu

To access the Chimecho Assembly, the player stands in front of the building until a menu pops up, looking a bit like the one to the left. To the top right of the menu, there is the total page count as well as the number of the page the player is currently looking at. To the left of that is a search bar, in which the player can search for a specific Pokémon by name, as the species name will not work- if the Pokémon has a nickname, it must be searched by that name. The search bar is handy for when you fill up many pages (over twenty-five is the average). Below all this is the actual list of Pokémon  Whatever Pokémon the arrow is pointing to, an image of that Pokémon appears. Along with that, there are many things to do around here:

Pokemon in the party: 

The Pokémon currently in your party have different colors in the menu than those not in the party. The first Pokémon in the player's party (the far left Pokémon)  has a light blue colored name, and the other members, if there are any, are listed in a yellow color.

  • Make Leader: Allows you to make a member of your team to take the place of the Pokémon currently in the first slot.
  • Standby:Pokémon in the party is left behind to make room. It will not go with you to dungeons.
  • Rename: Allows you to rename a Pokémon by clicking the gray bar underneath and typing in a new nickname.

Pokemon not in the party:

The rest of the list is the same color.

  • Join Team: Adding a Pokémon to your party, as long as there is an empty slot in the party.
  • Release: Letting go of a Pokémon in the Chimecho Assembly. Clicking this releases the Pokémon selected and you will never be able to get the particular Pokémon back.