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Cliffside Cave, also known as Cliffside, is an early-game dungeon which rewards the player the Engraved Tablet essential for evolving all Pokémon upon the completion of the dungeon (see Faded Relic for the site of Pokémon evolution). The dungeon is found North-West of Grassroot Town and South of Mt. Skylift in Exbel. The boss of the dungeon is Golem.

The Pokémon in this dungeon has the level range of 15 to 22.

Dungeon Parts


The dungeon has darkness from the very beginning. The rooms are small with its pathways often being long and winded. Bodies of water is scattered throughout the first four floors and cuts through the solid, beige, rock walls, giving the scenery a messy outlook. As the player progresses deeper into the dungeon, the environment gradually appears less chaotic, tiled flooring appears, and the water bodies subsides and eventually disappears.

Cliffside 1

Cliffside Cave's scenery from BF1 to BF4

Cliffside 2

Cliffside Cave's scenery from BF8 to BF12


Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.



Floor Recruit Rate
Geodude 1-12 9.1%
Grimer 1-12 8.2%
Makuhita 1-12 10.2%
Zubat 4-12 5.5%
Aron 8-12 6.4%
Diglett 8-12 8.2%


Upon reaching the Cliffside Relic, Golem will angrily confront the player and explains that he is tired of explorers entering his home to tear down his interior wall. Golem will then attack the player.



Cliffside 3

Engraved Tablet Location

After the Golem is defeated, the screen blacks out. Golem states that the player is too strong and allows the player to take a tile on the condition of leaving him alone. When the conversation ends, Golem is no where to be seen after his defeat and a sparkle will appear behind the warp. Press enter while in front of it to receive the Engraved Tablet.

Boss Drop

Golem has a small chance of dropping a Mushroom.


Below is the complete list of items obtainable from Cliffside Cave. Note that Geodude and Grimer can occasionally drop Geo Pebble and Grimy Food upon being defeated respectively.

Item Floor Rarity
Poké 1-12 Common
Oran Berry 1-7 Common
Leppa Berry 1-7 Common
Pecha Berry 1-7 Common
Ether 8-12 Uncommon
Tiny Reviver Seed 1-12 Uncommon
Grimy Food 1-12 Common
Geo Pebble 1-12 Common
Escape Orb 8-12 Uncommon
Shuca Berry 8-12 Uncommon
Gummies 8-12 Uncommon
Power Band 1-7 Uncommon
Def. Scarf 8-12 Uncommon
Pounce Orb 1-12 Common
Rollcall Orb 1-12 Common
Foe-Seal Orb 1-12 Common
All-Aim Orb 1-12 Common
Petrify Orb 4-12 Uncommon
Blowback Orb 4-12 Uncommon
Spurn Orb 4-12 Uncommon
Slip Seed 10-12 Rare
Light Clay 7-12 Uncommon
Blight Clay 10-12 Uncommon
TM Facade 4-12 Uncommon
TM Flash 4-12 Uncommon
TM Rock Tomb 8-12 Rare
TM Brick Break 8-12 Rare

Dungeon Objective

This dungeon's objective is to complete it and defeat the Golem so that the player may collect the Engraved Tablet.

Cliffside Cave is also the first dungeon accessible by players to recruit every recruitable Pokémon available here in the dungeon.


  • This dungeon is mandatory to beat to evolve the player's Pokémon.
  • Golem used to drop Link Cable as a rare boss drop.
  • During the conversation before fighting Golem, it is revealed that the interior tiles of the Cliffside Relic are made out of Engraved Tablets. This explains why Golem is frustrated of new explorers visiting his adobe.
  • This dungeon added in Aron after a month of the dungeon's release.


Early PMU7 Cliffside Cave Playthrough by taco pizza

Early PMU7 Cliffside Cave Playthrough by taco pizza