In Pokemon Mystery Universe there is another part to dungeons that is equally important. Many Pokémon are selected for this reason alone and some might not even see any use because they are not competitive.

Another word for Competitive is Player versus Player, or PvP.

There are many different aspects to what makes a Pokémon competitive and the strategies that are used are also necessary for a Pokémon to be strong.


There are three different places that players can fight one another.


The Arena is a place that is mapped solely for the purpose of two or more players to fight amongst each other. There are currently two different Arenas.

The Arena is a 15 by 15 sized place that people can go into and fight each other. Outside of the Arena is where spectators can go and watch the other players fight. This is possible by using the /watch command and /stopwatch in order to stop watching. The command lets the player see the entire Arena except the top row and bottom row.

If the player kills another player here nothing is lost or gained and the person that lost is given the chance to give up and be warped outside of the Arena.


The Arena also has a couple of limitations placed on it. 

  • No usable items can be brought inside unless equipped
  • No Pokémon that is level 16 or lower can enter 


The other location that a player can fight another player is in a dungeon. PvP in a dungeon is very different from PvP in the Arena. Battling in dungeons is much rarer compared to Arena and almost never happens.

All dungeons are instanced or players cannot see each other unless special circumstances are met.

  • The players must be in a Party.
  • The players must be in a guild.

If the players are in a party then only certain moves will affect the other player such as Earthquake or Surf. While if the players are in a guild and see each other any move will be able to damage them.

When a player is killed by another player in a dungeon the same penalties apply from being killed by an NPC including the item loss.

Pokémon Stadium

The Location of Pokemon Stadium is in Delite Plaza. The final location that players can fight is the Pokemon Stadium. Staff are needed to play this game and 4 or more players are also needed.

For this the staff members act as the trainers and select players from the outside that want to participate. The players are set to level 50 and go into a separate location waiting until the staff member calls on them. Then a pokemon battle from the main games is re-enacted until one side wins.


In competitive play most of the Pokémon that are used have strong offensive presence and support moves that are very useful.

Unlike main games, base stats do not matter as much as the type of moves and abilities that a pokemon has. There are two main types of offensive attacks;

  • Glidable Moves
  • Non Glidable Moves

Both of the categories have good and bad qualities to them.

Glidable moves are capable of being used and not losing any momentum, however the down side to these moves are they usually have very low range. LoS moves can be 4 tiles or lower and Sprays can be 2 tiles or lower.

Non Glidable Moves are not capable of being used while moving. When used the player will be unable to move (but they can switch) until the cooldown wears off which is around 1 second. The good qualities or these moves are the ranges of them are usually very large and are most common while the bad qualities are they make the user unable to move which could prove to be very disadvantageous.

Support moves are common and often required for a Pokémon to have any type of presence. Usually each Pokémon should have one support move and the type of support move ranges from defensive to offensive.