Crescent Islet
Crescent Islet Entrance
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Secret Room


Monster House


Level Range

31 to 45

Crescent Islet, frequently shortened to CI, was a dungeon added in June 2014 as a gateway to PMU 7's version of Archford. Players had to also pass through Mineral Cavern first to acquire HM Surf, and afterwards they could use Surf to transfer to an island with direct gateways to Southern Sea and Crescent Islet. After beating Crescent Islet once, players can fly directly to Greenport Town if they have HM Fly.

Compared to most other dungeons players will have need to have beaten to access it Crescent Islet is very difficult because it contains a wide range of Pokémon types, varying weather, a barrage of status problems, and wild Pokémon that know TM and Move Tutor Moves.

A large number of the Pokémon are Water-, Bug-, and Grass-types. The level range of the Pokémon in this dungeon is roughly 31 to 45. Only the non-fully evolved Pokémon are recruitable.

After clearing the 28 floors of Crescent Islet, players have the option of going directly to Greenport Town or venturing further into Crescent Islet Depths.

Dungeon Parts


Lower Floors

This first section pertains to the first 10 floors, B1F-B10F. Water is common on all floors. The weather is either sunny, cloudy, rainy, or clear. Be prepared for all of them. Note that all of the Pokémon in this section of the dungeon have at least one Water-type move, so if you are looking for training, focus your time on the floors where the weather is sunny or clear. 
  • Lower
  • Upper

Middle Floors

This leg of the journey is filled with rain and more powerful Water and Bug-types. Be aware that Rock Slide, Magnitude, Silver Wind, and Bug Buzz are common, so be careful if any of your party members are weak to any of these moves. Also, pack Lum Berries or a status-healing move for this leg, as the Paras and Parasect have access to Effect Spore and can inflict nasty status conditions on your Pokémon as a result. Water remains common in this part of the dungeon. 

Upper Floors

Unlike the previous part of the dungeon, this part of the dungeon is filled with sunshine. Some of the Pokémon have Chlorophyll, letting them attack more rapidly. If you packed a Fire or Fighting-type, this is the place to pull it out, as most of the Pokémon in this part of the dungeon are weak to one of these two types. Water is still present in this part of the dungeon.  


The Pokémon around vary between the three parts of the dungeon. Most are Bug-type or Grass-type but there are a lot of different types. Pokémon that are recruitable are in bold. Please see Recruitable Pokémon for more information.

Pic. Pokémon Floor Recruit Rate
060 Poliwag 1-10 11,5%
099 Kingler 1-20 Unrecruitable
271 Lombre 1-10 Unrecruitable
278 Wingull 1-10 11,5%
284 Masquerain 1-28 Unrecruitable
121 Starmie 1-10 Unrecruitable
185 Sudowoodo 11-20 Unrecruitable
075 Graveler 11-20 Unrecruitable
188] Skiploom 11-20 Unrecruitable
186 Politoed 11-20 Unrecruitable
267 Beautifly 11-28 Unrecruitable
046 Paras 11-28
047 Parasect 11-28 Unrecruitable
279 Pelipper 11-28 Unrecruitable
274 Nuzleaf 11-28 Unrecruitable
420 Cherubi 11-28 7,5%
203 Girafarig 11-20
182 Bellossom 21-28 Unrecruitable
272 Ludicolo 21-28 Unrecruitable
189 Jumpluff 21-28 Unrecruitable
288 Vigoroth 21-28 Unrecruitable
264 Linoone 21-28 Unrecruitable
421 Cherrim 21-28 Unrecruitable

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The items that are found in Crescent Islet are all the necessary items required for an explorer, all the tutor items can be found in this dungeon as well. There The TM Sunny Day is also very common.

Name Location Rarity SpecialTile Visible
TM Sunny Day All Floors Common Floor Yes
Def. Scarf All Floors Common Floor Yes

Dungeon Objective

The objective for this dungeon is to complete the dungeon and to gain access to the Archford region. There is a continuation dungeon that stems off from Crescent Islet called Crescent Islet Depths.


  • Bring a counter to status problems as there are many Pokémon that inflict them, such as Lum Berries and users of Rest.
  • Linoone and Poliwag are capable of inflicting a large amount of damage with Belly Drum.
  • The Masquerain are very dangerous with access to Bug Buzz and Hydro Pump. A good way to handle it is with a Fighting-type carrying a Rock-type move.
  • Bring Cut in order to enter Deep Crescent Islet.


  • Crescent Islet is similar to Tanren Tunnel as both dungeons lead to a new region.
  • This dungeon was created by the mapper Luli.
  • This dungeon is the only dungeon that leads to a new region which doesn't have the region's name as part of the dungeon name.