Crescent Islet Depths
CI center
Entrance to Crescent Islet Depths









Set Level


Secret Room


Monster House


Level Range

40 to 50

Crescent Islet Depths, often just called Deep CI, is a continuation dungeon from Crescent Islet. There are a variety of types in this dungeon, but the main type is Water-type. To enter this dungeon the player must first complete Crescent Islet and then use Cut on the plant located at the bottom of Crescent Centre. There are 8 floors.

There are 2 bosses, a Sharpedo and a Crawdaunt. The Crawdaunt has a 20% chance of dropping a Lapras Mystery Egg.

Dungeon Parts


The scenery of the dungeon remains the same throughout the entire dungeon.
CI deep scenery 1
The floor is a tan sand texture with grass on the floor occasionally. The walls are a deep green color with many flowers. There is a small darkness that lasts for the entire duration.


There is a large variety of types. Most Pokémon are second stage or third stage evolutions, being fully evolved. Pokémon in bold are recruitable, please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

Pic. Pokémon Floor Recruit Rate
289 Slaking 1-8 Unrecruitable
264 Linoone 1-8 Unrecruitable
421 Cherrim 1-8 Unrecruitable
286 Breloom 1-8 Unrecruitable
275 Shiftry 1-8 Unrecruitable
047 Parasect 1-8 Unrecruitable
288 Vigoroth 1-8 Unrecruitable
274 Nuzleaf 1-8 Unrecruitable
182 Bellossom 1-8 Unrecruitable
572 Minccino 5-8 -4,9%
007 Squirtle 5-8 -10%


There is a boss at the end of the dungeon. A Sharpedo and a Crawdaunt that talk about blocking the exit and running away from the police.

Pic. Pokémon
319 Sharpedo
342 Crawdaunt

After encountering them they fight the player to get away. After defeat, Sharpedo and Crawdaunt leave, and Sharpedo tells the player that the player has not seen the last of them, hinting their appearance in Seafloor Ruins. They usually drop 3 Tiny Mushrooms and have a 20% chance of dropping a Lapras Mystery Egg.

Boss Drop
70 Poké Common
Mushroom(3) Uncommon
Lapras Egg 20%


The items that are found in Crescent Islet Depths are all the necessary items required for an explorer, all the tutor items can be found in this dungeon as well.

Name Location Rarity SpecialTile Visible
TM Sunny Day All Floors Common Floor Yes
Lapras Egg Sharpedo Uncommon Floor, Water Yes

Dungeon Objective

This dungeon is entirely optional. There are 2 major reasons to attempt to complete this dungeon. The Pokémon Squirtle spawns during the dawn and dusk, and also minccino is present. The final bosses also have a chance of dropping a Lapras Mystery Egg.


  • To enter this dungeon, a player needs the move Cut
  • Bring a counter for status problems as many Pokémon are capable of using status moves
  • Linoone can deal a lot of damage due to Belly Drum
  • Pokémon are capable of spawning in the hallways
  • Bring X-Ray Specs for Squirtle hunting
  • Bring an AoE move to quickly kill hordes in rooms.


  • This dungeon is the only one where Squirtle spawns
  • Crawdaunt and Sharpedo have a number of interesting qualities
    • They both represent the PokéMafia
    • They are later encountered again in Seafloor Ruins
    • The player catches both of the Pokémon in the middle of barricading the police for stealing a Lapras Egg