~Crowned Lunars~

Crowned Lunars


Tuoko and DarkEevee


Fangsun, faster than fire, Goodknight, Orchid, Cinder


AbraKadabra, Akihiko, Amorii, Ariadna, danl, Demonic, Espeonage, flamewingblack, justice10000, Kirk, Laranginha7, Lila, Lorne, Menardi, mewcc101, Mewlover, Obsidin, Pakawaka, Poochu, Red_the_Mudkip, RedGlaceon, srhaga, Totodile Dance, Woozle, X Innocencesorrow X, Zatch


Crowned Lunars, or CL for short, is an active guild created by Tuoko and remade by Tuoko and DarkEevee. The guild consists of 35 members, (known as of this current edit and not including alts), with their leaders, Tuoko and DarkEevee, their admins, Goodknight, Fangsun, faster than fire, Orchid, and Cinder, and many other members.