Old Crystal Shards


Ludichat and Scizivire


Nathalie, Dezzi, Falcon


bloodfest666, Lord Goomy, Drayko, Absyy (note, this list isn't exhaustive)


Crystal Shards, or CS for short, is an active guild created by Ludichat, Scizivire and Foxie (who later left the guild). But it then disbanded by Ludichat when Scizivire left as well.

However, the day of her 19th birthday (25/03/17), Ludichat decided to reform the guild by herself, after totally remapping Crystal Shards' house.


When the guild was created, Scizivire made a character named Crystal Shards to make a base for the guild. when this character reached gold rank, he first fully expanded the house vertically. But it was later fully expanded by Ludichat for a mapping contest.


Before recreating the guild, Ludichat totally remapped Crystal Shards' house which is now meant to look like a fusion between barracks and a convivial guild base.