Dark Turtlez is a PMU7 Guild originally formed in July 2016 by SebaX and Dezel.

Dark Turtlez

Guild Leaders:

Dezel, SebaX


OldSoulja, Squirtle002, Dark Turtlez


Ninja Lugia, BAtmAN3112, Kyorgre, Mikleo, Eterna



Creation Date:

July 2016


₪"Our shellz iz an armor, it reactz and growz with our desirez and willpower! But why are we turtlez still so slow?!" -Dark Turtlez ₪

Dark Turtlez' name originates from the game Tales of Zestiria. It's a reference to a character from the game, a powerful opponent known as Dark Turtlez, who wields dual fish swords and utterly destroy anyone he comes across.

It's a guild which loves to have fun, help other players if it's required and is always active and open for people!

Like they say, you gotta be like 'em ease in your own shellz..

Members List

(Note: The guild is somewhat a new guild and is currently recruiting members)

Current Guild Members


  • SebaX
  • Dezel


  • OldSoulja
  • Dark Turtlez
  • Squirtle002


  • Ninja Lugia
  • BAtmAN3112
  • Kyorgre
  • Mikleo
  • Eterna

Former Members


There aren't really any requirements established when it comes to joining the guild other than being active and letting us know about their absence, so we get to know that they will be gone for some time.

In order to join the guild, the player must contact one of our administrators or founders if they wish to join our guild. They should most likely get accepted afterwards.