The Delite Plaza

The Delite Plaza is located in Grassroot Town near the Marowak Training Dojo. It is an area where players socialize as well as peruse the various shops and rooms. It contains many different areas for players to access. It is known to be the meeting place for events and other fun games, or just for players to hang out.

  • Shroomy's Treasure Trade Market
  • Skitty's Music Hall
  • Auction House
  • Spinda's Cafe
  • Lottery House
  • Croagunk's Swap Shop
  • Time Room
  • The Stadium
  • Weekly Event Hub
  • Hall Of Fame
Delite 2

North Delite Plaza

When entering the Delite Plaza, the player comes into a large, open main room with a huge table to the left and Delite the Delcatty to the right. Talking to Delite will give the player a warm welcome to the plaza. There are 5 NPCs in this room, including Delite. Hype the Jolteon whines about his sisters' shopping, Trickle the Vaporeon considers whether or not she should buy a Lottery Ticket, Aroma the Leafeon tells the player about relearning moves at Loomy's, and Fatso the Snorlax, who blocked the path to the Auction House at one point during construction.

Delite Plaza Entrance

There are many entrances, exits, ladders, and tunnels within the Delite Plaza that can take the player to many other areas. The doorways along the top lead to Loomy, Skitty's Music Hall, the Auction House, Spinda's Cafe, and the Lottery House. The ladder to the right takes the player to the Stadium, and the two tunnels near the central pathway take the player to the Time Room and Weekly Event Hub. Everything starts from just going through the entrance!

The Rooms and Shops

Every shop and room with the exception of the Time Room and Stadium have signs explaining where the entrance goes and what that shop/area is. One can tell which doorway leads where due to the fact that, with the exception of the Auction House, they all have their respective Pokédoll above the doorway (Shroomish for Loomy, Skitty for the Music Hall, etc).


Shroomy's Treasure Trade Market

Shroomy's Treasure Trade Market

"Shroomy's Treasure Trade Market. Mushrooms for my treasures. Still unpacking my things." To find Loomy's shop, the player must enter the second door from the left in the Delite Plaza. Entering the room, the player will find themselves in a mushroom shop run by Loomy the Breloom. This shop is similar to the Electivire Move Relearn Shop, only it takes Big Mushrooms as payment. Moves can be relearned in the same manner as Electivire's shop, this service differs in that your Pokemon can learn moves from its pre-evolution if it is at the correct level.


Skitty's Music Hall

Skitty's Music Hall

"Skit's Music Hall. Come on in for a good time and a load of fun!" To find Skitty's Music Hall, the player must enter the door far on the left in the Delite Plaza. When the player enters, there will be darkness around them. The room is similar to a dance club. Here, players can listen to the music and dance with their partners. This room is mostly just a social meeting place.

Auction House1

Auction House

Auction House

"Auction House." To get to the Auction House, the player can simply look for the Snorlax blocking the path on a regular day. The doorway is in the middle top part of the Delite Plaza, and was once blocked by Fatso. The Auction House is used by players and staff to host certain events in which players may auction off their items to others. Staff must be asked in order to open up this room for personal selling, if allowed. Other than that, the room is rarely used by anyone.


Spinda's Cafe

Spinda's Cafe

"Spinda's Cafe. Refreshing beverages and prizes, what more could you want? Still finishing up on some things. We'll have something soon!" To find Spinda's Cafe, one must go through the door that is second from the right in the northern part of Delite Plaza. Complete with its own library and reading area, it's a cozy resting area with tables and chairs. Inside there are four NPCs; Spinda, Ludicolo, and Wynaut with Wobbuffet. As of now, Ludicolo is the only working station. In order to purchase anything in Ludicolo's shop, you must participate in events hosted by staff. These events reward players with special Event Tokens that may be exchanged with Ludicolo for very valuable and useful items, such as Harmonic Tower Box items, Holiday Cave items, and overall rare items found in dungeons.

Spinda is not ready to set up any sort of shop or event as of now, and always says "Sorry. I am still setting up shop here... Please come back later~"

Wynaut and Wobbuffet are also not operational just yet either, and always say "'Sorry. We are still preparing the shop. Please come back later."


Lottery House

Lottery House

"Lottery House. Feeling Lucky! Come on down, fortune awaits you!"

To get to the Lottery House, the player must go through the doorway to the far top right of Delite Plaza. There are tables and potted plants, and the owner is found on the top right of the room. This room is run by Felicity the Meowth, who sells Lottery tickets to players for 25 Poké each. There is no limit to how many tickets one can buy, but there is a small downside though- These tickets cannot be sold. They can only be stored and lost through fainting in a dungeon. So if you forget about a few, they will be stuck in your storage until you get rid of them.


Croagunk's Swap Shop

Croagunk's Swap Shop

"Meh-heh-heh... Welcome to the Croagunk Swap Shop. Want to swap exclusive rare items?"

Croagunk's Swap Shop can be found in a ladder room on the top left past Skitty's Music Hall in Delite Plaza. There is a single table on the south, with a fountain and treasure chest on the top right of the room. Two potted plants are placed on each side of the room, and the shop is found on the top left of the room. Croagunk runs this room, selling three star exclusive items for 5000 Poké and for some required items listed in summary. Remember though: Croagunk will take the required items in a random order for each swap process. Remember to store your three star items you obtain!


The Time Room

Time Room

To get to this room, one must go through the tunnel to the left of the central pathway inside the Plaza. Inside, the weather suddenly turns bright and sunny. The pathway is surrounded by bamboo and shrubery. At the end of the pathway wits a lone Wingull named Dave. Dave's job is to tell the player what the current time is. That's the only purpose of this room - although a somewhat useless one, as the user can use the /time command in the chat instead from anywhere in Exbel.


The Stadium

The Stadium

To get to the Stadium, the player must take the top right ladder in the Delite Plaza. This room is quite a special room, because, at the moment, it is the only one of its kind in the PMUniverse. Used only in events, players take their roles as trainers and Pokémon and battle against one another. The plants on the top left and right are for storage, and the blocks second to the edge on the bottom (left and right of the plants) are for changing the player's roster.


Weekly Events Hub

Weekly Event Hub

"<---- The weekly events hub!" To get to this large room, one must go down the tunnel to the right of the central pathway, next to the sparkling sign. Entering would being the player to the place where the weekly events are held, such as Mazes and Pictionary games. This area is used weekly for special events held by Staff members, for all to partake in. The locked area to the top left is for Staff to hold the events, and is locked from outside players. The glittering flower stand in front is an Admin Only entrance. There is a Chimecho Assembly sign in front of the locked door, as well as a blue chest to the left that acts as Storage. There are locked doors to the bottom of the room for players to partake in events such as mazes, where each player gets their own station to start off at. This room, complete with its many tables and events, is a popular meeting area, and, during events, acts as front row seats and a waiting lobby before the events take place.

Hall Of Fame

"Welcome to the HALL OF FAME! Leaderboards are updated automatically. (Relog of wait for a Server Restart incase they don't.)". To get to this room, one must enter from the bottom left of the plaza. The are no requirements to access this room. These leaderboards only show the top ten players and range from Most Mission Completions to Highest Playtime. If the player is aiming for a 10 ten spot, they will need commitment and patience as reaching said spot will take quite some time.

Hall Of Fame-Enterance

Entrance to Hall Of Fame from the Plaza

Hall Of Fame-Bottom

Bottom of the Hall

Hall Of Fame-BL

Bottom Left of the Hall

Hall Of Fame-TL

Top Left of the Hall

Hall Of Fame-TR

Top Right of the Hall

Hall Of Fame-BR

Bottom Right of the Hall

Leaderboard Order is from Left to right. Leaderboard photos are from October 12, 2016.

Hall Of Fame-Leaderboard 01
Hall Of Fame-Leaderboard 02
Hall Of Fame-Leaderboard 03
Hall Of Fame-Leaderboard 04
Hall Of Fame-Leaderboard 05
Hall Of Fame-Leaderboard 06

The hole in the bottom right leads to the champion room. This room is only a joke room as there can only be one champion of PMU. Instead of constantly updating with players, staff chose the Buneary from the tutorial.

Hall Of Fame-Champions Room
Hall Of Fame-Champion Leaderboard


Pokemon Mystery Universe- Delite Plaza03:50

Pokemon Mystery Universe- Delite Plaza

The Delite Plaza before the addition of the Time Room, Cafe, and Stadium.

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