Destiny Cavern

Destiny Cavern - Main Section

The start of the game for a couple years, until the addition of the Summoner's Platform. This is the area where the player chooses his or her Pokemon starter. Each crystal signifies which Pokemon cavern type it leads to. There are 4 starters in each of the 7 chambers.


Below is a list of starter Pokemon in this game and the locations they're available in outside of Destiny Cavern, if any.

First Second Third Fourth
Fire Charmander Torchic Chimchar Cyndaquil
Inferno Volcano Sunrise Temple Inferno Volcano
Water Squirtle Piplup Mudkip Totodile
Crescent Islet Seafloor Ruins Boggy Wastes Seafloor Ruins
Grass Bulbasaur Chikorita Treecko Turtwig
Mysterious Jungle Mysterious Jungle Mysterious Jungle Rocky Ravine
Psychic Ralts Abra Natu Meditite
Sky Fortress Mt. Moon Pitch-Black Abyss Marowak Training Dojo
Ground Cubone Rhyhorn Phanpy Hippopotas
Marowak Training Dojo Gritty Hollow Murky Trench Tanren Mines
Normal Meowth Munchlax Togepi Skitty
Jailbreak Tunnel Gritty Hollow Sky Fortress Mt. Moon
Electric Pikachu Pachirisu Mareep Shinx
Sky Fortress Deep Thunderstorm Forest Rustic Savannah Sky Fortress

  • Destiny Cavern - Fire
  • Destiny Cavern - Water
  • Destiny Cavern - Grass
  • Destiny Cavern - Psychic
  • Destiny Cavern - Electric
  • Destiny Cavern - Normal
  • Destiny Cavern - Ground

Into the Crystal

After stepping into the crystal, the player awakens in a wooded map leading to a tutorial in the Exbel Woods


  • Destiny Cavern used to act as the place where players first appeared upon starting a new character. Since then, new sections were added before and after this area in order to slowly ease players into the game.
  • In 2011, the individual chambers used to use the same tiles as the main chamber.
  • The area before Destiny Cavern is called Summoner's Platform
  • Technically, Togepi (and the rest of its Family) is now Fairy Type, but it is still included as a Normal Type Starter.