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Dream Grove (Daydream)
Dream Grove Entrance









Set Level


Secret Room


Level Range

??? to ???



Dungeon Parts


Lower Floors

  • Floors 1-18

Middle Floors

  • Floors 19-30

Upper Floors

  • Floors 31-40


The Pokémon here are made up of almost Fairy and some Normal, Psychic types. Pokémon in BOLD can be recruited.

Lower Floors

Edit Specific Floor to No if they appear on all floors of this section and delete this message. Remember to set Time Of Day to All if every TOD is listed.

Name Specific Floor? Chance Time Of Day
Clefairy Day/Dawn
Whimsicott Day/Dawn
Altaria Day/Dawn
Marill Day/Dawn
Togetic Day/Dawn
Sylveon Day/Dawn
Mawile Day/Dawn
Jigglypuff Day/Dawn
Delcatty Day/Dawn
Mr. Mime Day/Dawn
Hypno Day/Dawn
Chansey Day/Dawn
Audino Day/Dawn
Snubbul Day/Dawn

Middle Floors

Name Specific Floor? Chance Time Of Day
Granbull Day/Dawn
Miltank Day/Dawn
Musharna Day/Dawn
Chimecho Day/Dawn
Espeon Day/Dawn
Lopunny Day/Dawn
Mismagius Day/Dawn
Kirlia Day/Dawn
Azumarill Day/Dawn


Item Floor, Water, Or Wall Hidden?
Ekop Floor No (Yes)
Rotten Apple Floor No
RageCandyBar Floor No
Potion Floor No
TM Dazzling Gleam Floor (30F+) No

Mystery Eggs

Royal Garden

ID Pokémon Recruit Rate Time
Minun Inkay Dusk/Night
Minun Swirlix Day/Dawn
Plusle Skrelp Dusk/Night
Plusle Spritzee Day/Dawn


Mini Boss:

The mid boss of the Daydream version is a team consisting of Gengar, Umbreon, and Banette, who are having a tea party. Gengar invites you over, calling you Alice. (You are called Alice the entire dungeon run.) After some conversing, Umbreon mentions that if the player is Alice, then he is a blue caterpillar, because the player is not Alice, and Gengar (calling Umbreon by the nickname Umbry) counters that by saying that Umbreon is a blue caterpillar, saying that you are Alice. Choosing to side with Umbreon and select No when Gengar asks you if you are Alice will cause Gengar to say that you are clearly Alice. Umbreon, however, has doubts. Gengar explains their predicament. Then, Gengar's team challenges you to a fight to prove that you are Alice, as Alice is strong. After winning, Umbreon is finally convinced that the player is Alice, and Gengar mentions that the key he dropped was a Mischievous Key, which he has since he was a Gastly. Then, Gengar and his friends return to the Tea Party, since they enjoy tea regardless if it is cold or not.

  • Gengar, Umbreon and Banette (Day/Dawn)


The boss is Aromatisse and Slurpuff. Slurpuff tells the player (who is still referred to as Alice) that they are late, and tries to think up of a punishment. Aromatisse mentions that "the little angels" are missing. Slurpuff tells Aromatisse that they are in the garden. He then tells the player that the purple things mess up his good vibes, and the player is no exception. He then challenges the player to a battle, saying that he and Aromatisse will purify the player. After the player wins, Slurpuff is shocked about his loss, and then, he realizes that the purple things are not bad after all. He then tells the player that he will let the purple things in, and in extension, everyone with good vibes. Slurpuff then says that even if there are Pokémon that have bad vibes, he will try to let them in anyway. He then tells Aromatisse (which he refers her as "sweet beak") that they have a party to attend to. The two then leave.

  • Slurpuff & Aromatisse

Boss Drops

Gengar Mischievious Key 100%
Slurpuff & Aromatisse Daydream Key 100%

Ending Box

DG End Room

There are six boxes in total. Without the keys a player can pick only two.

  • Revival Herb
  • Dark Dust
  • Max Revive
  • TM Sleep Talk
  • Psyche Dust
  • Sun Stone
  • TM Psyshock
  • Sachet
  • Whipped Dream
  • Relic Gold
  • Relic Silver
  • Fairy Dust
  • Intervet Uchin

Secret Room

There are 2 boxes in a room, the list is incomplete feel free to edit it.

  • Relic Gold
  • Relic Copper
  • TM Dazzling Gleam
  • TM Calm Mind
  • TM Round
  • Max Revive
  • Psyche Dust

Dungeon Objective

  • This dungeon requires you to beat the first part of the opposite version's midboss to advance to floor 31. The dawn/day's boss Gengar drops Mischevious Key and the dusk/night's boss Pokémon Clefable drops Whimsical Key. You need the Mischevious Key to unlock the first block. The Daydream Key can be used to unlock the ending block.


  • Use Honey in the garden. Depends on player's id, Skrelp or Inkay can spawn at dusk/night and Spritzee or Swirlix can spawn at dawn/day. They only spawn in one room in the garden, so search for the room where they spawn in.


  • This dungeon was released on September 1, 2016, which is PMU's birthday.
  • This is a special dungeon in that it has two versions: a Dream one and a Nightmare one.

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