Dungeoneers Society

Creation Date

June 25, 2016


None (yet)







Dungeoneers Society is a guild created in PMU 7 on June 25th, 2016. The guild was founded by PMU user Tansy after breaking apart from Neo Research when they gained Master rank. Though it is currently recruiting, it's on an admin-invite only basis. The founder may be selective of who joins in order to lessen potential drama.

About the Guild

The guild itself doesn't have any prerequisites aside from being a pleasant individual and not being a new member. The only reason for the latter is because the founder wants to make sure that members of the guild will be active for more than a few days in the future. This is Tansy's first created guild, being a member of Neo Research (also known as Free the Soul) previously, as well as Sky Guardians, before that guild was disbanded.

The name itself comes from a story that Tansy wanted to write with three sub-guilds in an exploration society: the Dungeoneers, the Rescuers, and the Guardians - the first one being the guild that Tansy wanted to derive the name from.