Triforce in Grassroot Town.

An Easter Egg is an intentional hidden message, inside joke, or feature that is concealed in the game, and there are quite a few within PMU. Some of them are listed below.


In Grassroot Town there is a flower field made to resemble the Triforce from The Legend of Zelda. An NPC named Navi sits there as another obvious Legend of Zelda reference, specifically for the game Ocarina of Time.


There is a hidden area in Tanren City Plaza called Cognito. This is a pun on being "incognito," meaning undercover.


There are several signs in PMU with little jokes on them.

  • A sign located Northwest of Snowbasin Town has "Sigh...n" written on it.
  • There are two signs located North of Grassroot Town. One points to the other and says, "This is a sign." while the other says "This is not a sign."
  • A sign far north of Tanren is a sign taken out of the Sinnoh games and says: "WARNING! 5/10 Pokemon faint from reading signs every day! .... and 1/1 of these signs were pure fabrication."

Dead Tree

Located just Northeast of the Crossroads sits a dead tree. If you step in front of it, a message will appear and say, "It's a dead tree. Not something you see everyday."


Next to Winden Range Passage is a waterfall that works as a waterslide. After sliding down it, a message appears, saying, "A waterslide in a waterfall? It must be an easter egg!"


Near the entrance of Tanren Mansion is a Smeargle with a painting. Talking to the Smeargle gets you the dialogue, "...Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth. Do you not understand?"

Grass Acronym

South of the entrance to Jailbreak Tunnel is a group of grass patches that spell 'PMU'.
Screenshot114 1

Acronym Easter egg

Shaymin's Flowers

Near the entrance of Mt. Barricade, directly above the Rock Smash area is a patch of flowers that plays a short tune and gives you the following message shoud you tread on it: "!!! Shaymin was here. Everyone else is a loser!​"
Shaymin Easter egg

Shaymin Easter egg

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