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Electivire Move Relearn Shop in Grassroot

This shop, run by Electivire, was created to allow players to relearn moves that they had a chance to learn previously for the price of one tiny mushroom. It is located in all towns such as Grassroot Town and is available to all players at any time.

To access the shop, the player just stands in front of the building.

How it works

This shop is made to help a player relearn a certain move that they either forgot or just did not want to learn at the time. For example, let's have the player be a Raticate that is level 30 and they wish to relearn Crunch, a move that it learned at level 24. To do so, the player needs a tiny mushroom or two and then they should go over to this building. Once the player selects the move, they can replace it with one of their current ones and the payment is that tiny mushroom. Now they have relearned Crunch. Pokémon that need to relearn a move have to have the chance to learn the move first, so you cannot teach a level 20 Rattata or Raticate a move that Raticate learns at level 24, and you cannot teach something like a Pikachu a move that Weedle forgot.

Note: The move the player wishes to relearn cannot be currently in the moveset, or else it wouldn't be the "Move Relearn Shop." 

To be able to shop here, it does not matter where the pokemon comes from. It can be a Pokémon the player raised themselves from an egg or it can be a lvl 50 caught in th wild. So long as they are at or over the level at which they learn that specific move you want and it is not in your moveset, you can do this. Of course, don't forget the tiny mushrooms!