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The Arena is a place where players can battle other players. This particular Arena is located in Grassroot Town. A Pokémon under Level 15 cannot enter the Arena through the three warps it has.


Although there are no official tournaments, player hosted and organized tournaments happen occasionally. These tournaments are sometimes aided by the Staff Team. 

The current major events are as follows:

Past Events


These warps are located on the right, left, and bottom of the Arena. It is located by the dojo in Grassroot Town. It has a Chimecho Assembly and a Kangaskhan Storage in it, and it is redesigned to match the changes in the seasons. Players in the Arena have these commands:

  • /giveup

Giveup will forfeit the arena but not warp you to your spawn point.

In early PMU 7, the Arena was a large map with no working safezones for other players to spectate. The safezone that was incorperated in the beginning was not protected by anything or anyone. There was only a sign telling players not to attack anyone in the safezone. Usually, this minor rule was broken on accident or on purpose. Later, the Arena was redesigned so that the player could actually spectate through the Arena commands: 

  • /watch
  • /stopwatch

The arena now features:

  • lopunny statue. Relearn forgotten moves for 1 mushroom.
  • Heal Bed. This will heal your team completely.


To be allowed to enter the arena itself, you must be level 16. This can be bypassed once your right next to the warp tile.


  • There used to be a "glitch" where a player could get small amounts of EXP in the Arena without any trouble. All the player had to do was use an Area of Effect (AoE) move that could hit the Chimecho and Kangaskhan NPCs in the arena.
    • This glitch was fixed rather quickly after it was found. No real glitch abusing could have been done either way. The amounts of EXP obtained via this method were too small to amass to anything worthwhile due to the low 'level' of the NPCs. 
  • There was also yet another way to gain exp via Joy Ribbon but that was also fixed.
  • It was formerly possible to kill spectators with the move Metal Burst, however that glitch was also fixed.
  • Exbel Arena is the only Arena to recieve the most revamps.