Exbel Woods
Exbel Woods
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Secret Room


Monster House


Level Range

1 to 5

Exbel Woods is the third section of the starting tutorial before officially entering PMU. The player awakens in a wooded area, only to be greeted by a peppy Buneary.

The player is encouraged to follow it through a pre-mapped dungeon, leading the user through a tutorial, including a chat with Buneary's friend, Slakoth.

No Pokémon are recruitable in this dungeon, save for the Boss, which joins on defeat.

Dungeon Parts


There are 3 floors to Exbel Woods. First the entrance, then 3 pre-mapped floors in a maze like pattern full of signs and tips.


Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

  • Buneary
  • Rattata
  • Sentret
  • Slakoth
  • Starly


Buneary: The Buneary has a habit of repeating its words in an excited manner, reminding the player of an overexcited child. Throughout the tutorial, it appears to give random tips to the player.

Slakoth: Slakoth makes a minor appearance at the beginning of the dungeon, helping Buneary demonstrate how to defeat a Pokémon. 


Joey: He is the mini-boss of the dungeon, and is fairly easy to beat. After defeating him, he will request to join your team. Even if you deny him, he will join you anyways! Joey is a reference to Youngster Joey from the second generation main games (Gold/Silver/Crystal). (Youngster Joey would always call the player to tell him about his awesome Rattata and how it was top percentage.)


All items found on the ground here are extremely common, but useful for new users, allowing them to stock up on supplies before adventuring further into Exbel.

Name Location Rarity SpecialTile Visible
Apple 3F Always No Yes
Oran Berry 1F - 3F Always No Yes
Leppa Berry 1F - 3F Always No Yes
Ether 3F Always No Yes
Hidden Power Boss Drop Always No Yes

Dungeon Objective

The player learns a variety of things that are taught in Exbel Woods.

  • How Stairs Work
  • A Reminder to Read the Rules
  • How to Fight Pokémon
  • How to Use Moves
  • How Recruiting Pokémon Works
  • How Items Work


  • Do not speed past the text too quickly when entering the dungeon or PMU will freeze for you. Your game will also freeze if you rush past the text while you are moving in the cutscene. If you happen to crash, just close and reopen PMU. You'll skip the scene entirely, but if you happen to go through the dungeon again or step on the script tiles, the scene will replay from the beginning.


  • Exbel Woods, like the Summoner's Platform, made an appearance in early 2012, as it was highly requested.
  • Exbel Woods is the third section of the start of the game, coming after the Summoner's Platform and Destiny Cavern.
  • This dungeon is the only place where a recruitable Pokémon already has a nickname and the only place with a recruitable boss.
  • The same Buneary from Exbel Woods returned in the Easter 2015 event.