Faded Relic

The Faded Relic is the location where the player goes in order to evolve their Pokémon. At the entrance, Nuck the Trapinch and Sansan the Sandshrew walk around, questioning about the chamber itself. Within the Faded Relic is the Luminous Chamber, with a light at the end that acts as a place where one can evolve their Pokemon.


In order to evolve, a user must obtain the Engraved Tablet from Cliffside Cave (found in the wall above a platform that appears only after defeating Golem). However, the player must also make sure the Pokemon that's being evolved fits all requirements for evolution, such as having a necessary item (which can be retrieved easily from the Kangaskhan Storage just south of Faded Relic) or by meeting a level requirement.

PMU 7 Evolution

PMU 7 Evolution

Early PMU 7 Video on how to evolve, but it still applies till today.