Friendship Forest
Friendship forest
Entrance to Friendship Forest









Set Level


Secret Room


Monster House


Level Range

15 to 30

Friendship Forest, frequently referred to as FF, is a dungeon that requires a teammate to complete, much like Harmonic Tower. In PMU 6, Friendship Forest lead into another dungeon called Far Friendship Forest.

Friendship Forest was introduced in PMU 6 and was reintroduced in PMU 7 with slight alterations.


The scenery in the dungeon remains the same for the entire run. The floor is a comprised of dark tan dirt. The walls are green trees and there are switches on the ground disguised as leaves on the floor.


The Pokémon that are in the dungeon are mostly all Grass-type or Normal-type. They are all first stage evolutions,. The Pokémon use status moves mainly, and most are recruitable.

  • Budew
  • Zubat
  • Azuril
  • Eevee
  • Togepi
  • Roselia
FF Boss

Friendship Forest Boss


FF scenery
There are no boss drops for this Pokémon. There is only one Pokémon, Chansey, in the final boss room. Chansey is Level 30.
  • Chansey


This dungeon does not contain the necessary items for an explorer to complete the dungeon, nor does it contain any move tutor items aside from Tiny Mushroom. In this dungeon, there are select items that can be obtained with relative ease compared to getting them in other dungeons. At the end of the dungeon the player obtains the item Friend Bow, which gives a +10% recruit rate bonus when held.

Name Floor Rarity Walls Visible
West Key 1 Common No Yes
East Key 1 Common No Yes
Tiny Mushroom 2 Common No Yes
Lunar Ribbon 3 Common No Yes
Sun Ribbon 3 Common No Yes
Honey 3 Common No Yes
Friend Bow 6 Common No Yes

Dungeon Objective

In PMU6 the objective of the dungeon is to complete the dungeon to be able to enter Far Friendship Forest. Chingling and Eevee are the only Pokémon that can be found here.

In PMU7 the objective of the dungeon is get the Friend Bow. Alternate objectives include recruiting Eevee, which is exclusive to this dungeon.


  • All Pokémon in the user's party are set to level 15, but can still gain experience points.


To progress through the dungeon, both players have to press the switches that open doors for the other player. (ie: Player 1 may open the door for Player 2, and Player 2 opens the door for Player 1). Both players must coordinate themselves in order to complete the dungeon, and usually requires a guide to complete.


  • This dungeon was made by Sprinko.
  • To complete this dungeon, one needs a partner.
  • As all the maps are predetermined, no wind is present, so users can take as much time as they'd like to finish the puzzle.


Pex and shiju's Playthrough of Friendship Forest

Pex and shiju's Playthrough of Friendship Forest