Greenport Bazaar

The Greenport Bazaar is a building found in Archford Town, which hold a variety of services, including the Togetic Move Tutor, Xatu's Apparel, and Loomy's Move Recall.

Greenport Bazaar Entrance

Thanks to Fierying for the screenshots.

Meesa's Shard Exchange

In Archford, there's a new shop that allows you to exchange shards for items. Below is a list of the items you can buy:

Items Shards Amount to Buy
Red Shard Blue Shard x2
Blue Shard Red Shard x2
Green Shard Yellow Shard x2
Yellow Shard Green Shard x2
Reviver Seed Yellow Shard x15
Water Stone Blue Shard x25
Fire Stone Red Shard x25
Thunder Stone Yellow Shard x25
Leaf Stone Green Shard x25
Sun Stone Red Shard x25
Revival Herb Blue Shard x35
Huge Apple Red Shard x35
Escape Rope Yellow Shard x35
Silver Key Green Shard x35
Moon Stone Blue Shard x45
Dusk Stone Red Shard x45
Dawn Stone Green Shard x45
Shiny Stone Yellow Shard x45
TM Ice Beam Blue Shard x55
TM Flamethrower Red Shard x55
TM Thunderbolt Yellow Shard x55
TM Energy Ball Green Shard x55
Damp Rock Blue Shard x75
Heat Rock Red Shard x75
Smooth Rock Yellow Shard x75
Icy Rock Green Shard x75
Up-Grade Blue Shard x100
Dubious Disc Green Shard x100
Electrizer Yellow Shard x100
Magmarizer Red Shard x100
Razor Fang Yellow Shard x100
Razor Claw Blue Shard x100
Reaper Cloth Red Shard x100
Beauty Scarf Blue Shard x100
Protector Green Shard x100
Oval Stone Red Shard x100
Exp. All Red Shard x125
Pure Seed Yellow Shard x125
Max Revive Green Shard x125
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