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The Guides on the PMUniverse Page!

There are lots of Guides available on the PMU Forums Game Guides Section , and a few Staff selected guides on the "Game Guides " page of the main site. 

The Current Guides (Main Page)

  • Commands and Controls , as the name suggests, is a guide for explaining what all the commands and controls for the game are. There is a similar one called the Command and Controls Guide . These are mostly for beginning players to get to know the controls better.
  • How to Map Efficiently is a guide created by a well-known mapper, Char, on how to map as well as how to work the editor in-game. It explains the essentials to mapping as well as some of the physics behind it. Many that want to learn to map read this guide first to get the feel of it.
  • A Brief Overview of Grassroot Town is a guide for new players on getting to know the best meeting spot in the game, Grassroot Town. It explains how to get to the town as well as many of the features available once you get there.
  • Evolving Guide&Much More explains some of the game in terms of evolution and its many HMs such as Cut and Surf, and goes over slightly on what the controls are. This guide is mostly for newer players, but may even be helpful to those that have been playing for a while but have gotten stuck somewhere along the way.
  • Building the Team is created for those, more strategic players in the game, in the essentials of building an effective pokemon team of four to take on the game. It also provides some useful sites for help on creating your team.
  • A Pinch of Moderation is a well-known guide created by a former staff member, Chaotix Bluix, on how to become a part of the staff team, what is required, and how to do your job if you become a staff member. If you wish to apply for a staff position, this is a very important guide for you. It is very in-depth and takes a deeper look at being staff, and has many examples as well as answers to all your staff-related questions.

Other Guides (Forum Topics)

  • Explorer Rank Guide , as the name suggests, is just that! An explorer rank guide! It explains the many ranks found in the game, how to achieve them, and what sort of expansions you earn for all your hard work. This can also be explained on the missions page. 
  • Pokemon Locations in Dungeons explains what pokemon can be found in which dungeon. A very useful guide for searching for that one elusive pokemon you really want in the game.
  • Dungeon Guide is somewhat of a more in-depth guide to the pokemon found in dungeons, similar to the one above, only it explains the pokemon attacks, their levels, recruitment rates, even how much exp they give you. There are also lists of drops and items found on every floor.
  • PMU's What Pokemon's Recruit Rate are You Looking for! is an outdated guide (last updated 11/17/2011) on the pokemon recruitment rates in the game, as well as how to raise that rate. While being outdated, the information is still accurate for the pokemon listed unless said otherwise.

While there are many more guides out there, this is only a small list of them! You can also make your own, and you can find out how below.

How to Write a Guide

First, you'll need to find a topic to write about. Make sure you get the information and reliable and true evidence you need to back it up. Once you gather enough information on your chosen topic, write the guide! 

Organization and presentation are key to a good Guide. Read Dandy's A Guide to Making Guides for more information on creating and updating your own guide!