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Level Range

1, 7 to 14

|Row 7 title = Level Range |Row 7 info = 1, 7 to 14}} Happiness Lake, infrequently called HL, is a Water-Type beginner dungeon in PMU 7 found north of Grassroot Town in Exbel. This dungeon has no bosses for the player to defeat in order to complete the dungeon.

The Pokémon in Happiness Lake are in the level range of 7-14, with the exception of Magikarp at level 1.


The lower floors of Happiness Lake have small rooms. The floor tiles are covered with bright, green grass, with lightly tanned stone walls. Bodies of water is common. Darkness, more water tiles and less wall tiles are noticeable as the players reach B6F onwards. Occasionally, the weather is rainy and is otherwise clear in the dungeon.

Happiness Lake Scenery

Happiness Lake scenery from B1F to B5F

Happiness Lake Scenery B6F+

Happiness Lake scenery from B6F to B7F, with a Ducklett Mystery Egg and a Tiny Reviver Seed on a rainy weather


Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.



Floor Recruit Rate
060 Poliwag 1-7 6.4%
270 Lotad 1-7 8.0%
043 Oddish 1-7 12%


193 Yanma 1-7 6.4%


399 Bidoof* 1-7 8.0%


194 Wooper* 5-7 8.2%


083 Farfetch'd 5-7 7.2%


129 Magikarp 6-7 8.2%

*Only attacks in self-defense


Below is the complete list of items obtainable from Happiness Lake. Note that Farfetch'd has a very slim chance of dropping Long Onion.

Item Floor Rarity Special Tile
Poké 1-7 Common -
Apple 1-7 Common -
Oran Berry 1-7 Common -
Oren Berry 1-7 Rare -
Cheri Berry 1-7 Common -
Chesto Berry 1-7 Common -
Tiny Thorn 1-7 Common -
Geo Pebble 1-7 Uncommon -
Warp Seed 1-7 Common -
Warp Orb 1-7 Uncommon -
Rainy Orb 6-7 Uncommon -
Geo Pebble 6-7 Uncommon Water
Slip Seed 6-7 Rare Water
Tiny Reviver Seed 6-7 Rare Water

End Box

At the end of the dungeon, the player is surrounded by water with limited visibility. The center of the room contains a single Deluxe box and a total of 75 Poké are scattered around the edges beyond the water. Players with a Water-, Flying- or Ghost-type Pokémon will be able to collect Poké that surrounds the lake.

The items that the player can obtain from the Deluxe box are as follows:

  • 25 Sticks
  • Blast Seed
  • Sitrus Berry
  • Max Ether
  • Big Apple
  • Honey
  • Tiny Reviver Seed

Mystery Eggs

Happiness Lake contains Mystery Eggs found in water tiles between B6F and B7F. The Mystery Egg will always contain Ducklett.




Dungeon Objective

The objective of the dungeon requires you to climb the dungeon floors and beat the boss for completion.

This dungeon is also the first dungeon accessible for players to recruit Poliwag, Lotad, Wooper, and Yanma. Magikarp and Ducklett are exclusive Pokémon found in Happiness Lake.


  • This is the first dungeon in order of difficulty that has weather manipulating orbs.
  • In PMU 6, this was the easiest random dungeon, and the first completely randomized dungeon.
  • It is currently the only dungeon to have Magikarp, not including certain Holiday Cave events.
  • Though Happiness Lake and Sunny Hillside are of approximately the same difficulty level and length, more Poké can be found in Happiness Lake than in Sunny Hillside.


Early PMU7 Happiness Lake Playthrough by taco pizza

Early PMU7 Happiness Lake Playthrough by taco pizza