Hermit Cave is south of this

Hermit Cave is a dungeon that was in PMU 6; it was not introduced into PMU 7. This dungeon was located in southern Inferno Beach and was hidden under a cliff. The entrance was also blocked by Plants you needed to cut and Rocks you needed to smash.

This dungeon needed both HM Rock Smash and HM Cut to enter.

There are 5 floors in this dungeon however there are many rooms in this dungeon.

Dungon Parts


The scenery inside this dungeon was light blue crystal like flooring with a dark blue walls. There were little to no rooms inside the dungeon with most of it being a maze like shape.


There were no pokemon inside this dungeon, the only threat that was inside this dungeon were traps.


The items that were inside this dungeon were mostly items that are rare however they were in places that were hard to get.

  • Apple
  • Shoal Shell
  • Shell Bell
  • Shoal Salt
  • Escape Orb
  • Shards
  • King's Rock

At the end of the dungeon there was a treasure room that held King's Rock inside of it. the other items were in remote locations of the dungeon that if you entered you were not likely to get out.

Dungeon Objective

Screenshot8 (1)

Inside Hermit Cave

This dungeon's objective was to go up the floors and beat the dungeon There were no pokemon inside of this dungeon and the main reason for this dungeon was to obtain various items, including, at the time, the extremely rare King's Rock.


There were no restrictions that were placed on the player when entering the dungeon, however there is a rule that the dungeon revolved around;

  • Step on the switches to unlock the doors temporarly.


The switches lead to different parts of the dungeon and pressing them in the correct order got you to the stairs for the next floor.


  • The ending had a glitch that whoever enters gets an error and had to log out.
    • This made it the only dungeon impossible to beat.
  • This was the only dungeon in PMU 6 not to have any pokemon in it.


Random? No
Boss? No
Weather? No
Set Level? No
  • South of this is where The entrance to Hermit Cave was.
  • Inside the dungeon with a switch and stair.
  • What the entrance looks like uncovered. (black lines could not be passed)