Holiday Cave was something that occur commemorating an occasion, such as a holiday. These events usually involved a dungeon, unlike weekly events

In 2014, Holiday Cave has had it's final HC. The reason why Holiday Cave was disconntinued is due to the fact that the time to make dungeons were so long for a short amount of time, so they decided to focus more on permenant dungeons. 


PMU 6 was running at this time. 


PMU Comemoration Event

Pokémon: Tepig, Oshawott, Snivy
Items: Ivy Ring, Warmth Orb, Lucky Shell
Floors: None- No Boss
Info: This event was made in the celebration of the release of PMU 7. To get the Pokémon, you had to talk to a Chansey to get an egg. After a while, it hatched into a fifth generation starter. The egg then transformed into an item that helps the Pokémon specified with it to heal it when hit with a Fire (for Snivy), Water (for Tepig), or Grass (for Oshawott). Along with the egg, you would also get a family item for that starter.

Thanksgiving Event

Pokémon: Wurmple, Pineco, Seedot, Paras, Growlithe, Vulpix, Spearow, Nuzleaf
Items: Long Onion, Golden Apple, Aspear Berry, Big Apple, Huge Apple, Lum Berry, Persian Berry
Floors: 15F- No Boss
Info: This event was made to commemorate Thanksgiving, due to the lack of a Halloween event.

Fun Fact: The Seedot had a Nidoran Picture as the Pokémon portrait.

Christmas Event

Pokémon: Snubull, Onix, Snover, Eevee, Sneasel, Growlithe, Seedot, Marill, Delibird, Glalie, Graveler, Smoochum, Slakoth
Items: Icy Dust, Normal Dust, Rock Dust, Steel Dust, Dragon Dust, Water Dust, Dawn Stone, Fire Stone, Freeze Band, rare berries, Lum Berries, Stamina Band, NeverMeltIce, Golden Apple
Floors: 51F- No Boss
Info: This event was made to commemorate Christmas.

Fun Fact: This dungeon was made easier two times.


April Fools

4/1/11 - 4/1/11 
Pokémon: N/A
Items: N/A
Info: For this event, for that day only, everyone's sprite was transformed into a Mew.

Easter Event

Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, Torchic, Combusken, Togepi, Togetic, Happiny, Chansey, Starly, Shroomish, Lopunny (All Unable to Recruit)
Items: Eggs (Hatched: Pichu, Happiny, Bulbasaur, Starly, Zigzagoon, Shroomish, Buneary, Eevee, Torchic, Riolu, Ralts, Hoppip, Munchlax, Vulpix, Togepi, Growlithe), Inferno Band, Vine Band, Meadow Plate, Grass Dust, Sun Ribbon, Lunar Ribbon, Razor Claw, Soothe Bell, Moss Stone, Shiny Stone, Oren Berry, Potion, Super Potion, Elixir, Lum Berry, Normal Dust, Ground Dust
Floors: 41F- No Boss
Info: This event was made to commemorate Easter. To get event Pokémon from it, you had to hatch an egg that was found in the dungeon. You were able to trade your eggs for Rare Berries. To trade them, go to entrance of HC and talk to Togekiss. She will ask if you want to trade your eggs for items. The berries will be held in Nifty Boxes.

Fun Fact: This dungeon was made mostly by Kirk! Also, to hatch eggs, people had to run around in a safe zone. So for most of the event people, ran around in circles in town. While this event was going on, Quick Seeds were banned from town. Sprinko announced that he would make a 99 floor dungeon if 99 people were on (closest we got at time was 94)
Articuno: Also, here is a video Wolfy made of the Eggstravaganza.

PMU Summer Event

Pokémon: Kecleon, Tropius, Chimchar, Pinsir, Venonat, Crogunk, Eastern Shellos, Cacnea, Eevee, Tangela
Items: TM Flamethrower, Canyon Band, Charcoal, Flame Plate, Golden Apple
Floors: 50F- No Boss
Info: This event was made to celebrate Summer time! There were 49 floors and the last being a floor of Deluxe Boxes. Inside the boxes, the items above were contained inside. Also, for this event, your level was reduced to Level 25 and you couldn't level up. Also, you weren't allowed to bring items and you could only bring half of your team (or only two Pokémon along).

Fun Fact: Even though this event was introduced on 7/5/11, summer for 2011 started on 6/21. Summer Video

Halloween Event

Phantom Forest: Zorua, Ekans, Skorupi
Abandoned Basement: Cubone, Gastly, Duskull, Stunky, Porygon, Eevee
Abandoned Mansion/Attic: Litwick, Smeargle, Meowth, Shuppet, Cleffa, Eevee, Murkrow, Mime Jr.
Items: Dusk Stone, Reaper Cloth, X-Ray Specs, Y-Ray Specs, Mystery Hats, Skitty Hat, Pika Hat, Turtwig Mask, Piplup Mask, Chimchar Mask, TM Snarl, TM Shadow Ball, TM Shadow Claw, TM Sludge Bomb, TM Dream Eater, TM Embargo, No-Stick Cap, Rare Bone, Leftovers, Poison Dust, Dark Dust, Shady Dust, Old Gateau, Spirit Band, Toxic Orb, Revival Herb, Max Revive, Revive, Two-Edge Orb, Cleanse Orb, Luminous Orb, Slip Cap, TM Hone Claws
Phantom Forest: 7F -No Boss
Abandoned Basement: 35F -Rotom
Abandoned Mansion: 35 -No Boss
Abandoned Attic: 15F- Chandelure, three Lampent, six Litwick
Info: It was released to celebrate the upcoming Halloween Day for everyone. As for all Holiday Caves, it was a set level dungeon with no items. The amount of Pokémon you could bring was unrestricted. After Phantom Forest, there was a break that you could see everyone in a map called "PokéHallow Square". It included a Cubone that healed your Pokémon and a choice of which dungeon you wanted.

Fun Fact: The fourth dungeon that was added - called "Hallowed Well" - was a 99 floor dungeon with no Pokémon that were able to be recruited, but rare items were in it. The prize of the dungeon was a Max Revive. During the floors 60F-85F, the darkness was pitch black, meaning that Pokémon and items were unable to be seen. Also, during that time, Darkrai was released in town as an illusion for a couple days.

Christmas Event

Pokémon: Beldum, Treecko, Wailmer, Delibird, Carnivine, Stantler, Octillery, Vanillite, Vanillish, Absol, Cubchoo,
Holiday Cave Centre Winter

2011 Winter HC map.

Items: Castelia Cone, Defend Globe, TM Frost Breath, Beauty Scarves
Floors: 50F- No Boss
Info: This dungeon had three parts to it. The first part had easy Pokémon while the second part had harder Pokémon. The third part had the hardest Pokémon in it. During the third part of the dungeon, when you got to the floors 45F+, there was a chance of fighting Vanilluxe that had a 100% chance of dropping a Castelia Cone.

Fun Fact: When you meet the Vanilluxe, his catch phrase was, "I scream! You scream! We all scream for Ice Cream!"


April Fools

April Fools 2012

Pokémon: N/A
Items: N/A
Info: For this event, for that day only, everyone's sprite was itemized.

Easter Event

Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, Torchic, Combusken, Togepi, Togetic, Happiny, Chansey, Starly, Shroomish, Lopunny (All Not Able to Recruit)
Holiday Cave Square Easter

2012 Easter Hub map

Items: Eggs (Hatched: Pichu, Happiny, Bulbasuar, Starly, Zigzagoon, Eevee, Torchic, Riolu, Ralts, Munchlax, Vulpix, Togepi, Growlithe, Sewaddle, Cottonee, Scyther, Spinda, and Partner Eggs)
Floors: 50F- No Boss
Info: This dungeon had no recruitable Pokémon. However, this event had eggs in it. The higher floors (41F+) enabled you to randomly get you or your partner's base evolution through an egg. In a way, this dungeon had the most Pokémon available because of that factor.

Fun Fact: There was a bug that if you entered the floor with an escort Pokémon, there was a chance you could get the base evolution of that. That caused the mission board to be deactivated for most of the dungeon.

Only event items are listed, but there are several other items (Poké, Apples, Berries, and other common items). This is the same for Pokémon in these events, which may be updated later.


PMU's Birthday


Anniversary Hills celebrating PMU's Birthday 2015


  • Gloomwood Square
  • Gloomwood Thicket
  • Gloomwood Forest
  • Gloomwood Citadel



These are various videos (not in any order) of different Holiday Caves.

Walkthrough by starmario12:
"All I have to that it really wasn't easy to do this."

Holiday Cave on PMU7 - Christmas Part 108:07

Holiday Cave on PMU7 - Christmas Part 1

Christmas Part 1

Pokemon Mystery Universe Easter Event!18:47

Pokemon Mystery Universe Easter Event!

Easter Holiday Cave

PMU7 - Summer Holiday Cave!26:06

PMU7 - Summer Holiday Cave!

Summer Holiday Cave

Holiday Cave on PMU7 - Christmas Part 2-008:03

Holiday Cave on PMU7 - Christmas Part 2-0

Christmas Part 2

Holiday Cave on PMU7 - Christmas Part 307:12

Holiday Cave on PMU7 - Christmas Part 3

Christmas Part 3

Holiday Cave On PMU7 - Halloween Thanksgiving-007:55

Holiday Cave On PMU7 - Halloween Thanksgiving-0

Holloween/Thanksgiving Holiday Cave

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