Honeydrop Meadow
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Secret Room


Monster House


Level Range

20 to 40

Honeydrop Meadow, also called Honeydrop or HDM, is a dungeon full of Bug-type Pokémon located North of Sour Root Cave and along the second fork in the road North of Grassroot Town in Exbel. To access it, one must have Cut or Rock Smash. The boss of the dungeon is seven Combee lead by Vespiquen.

The level of the enemy Pokémon are between level 20 to 40. Exclusive Pokémon can recruited here in the Honeydrop Meadow.


The scenery in this dungeon changes notably twice. Each time, the Pokémon are higher-leveled and are on their next evolutionary state.

The weather in Honeydrop Meadow is often Clear, Sunny, or Rainy throughout the entire dungeon.

Lower Floors (1F- 9F)

The lower floors of Honeydrop Meadow features bright, tall, lime-green grass acting as wall tiles with sandy-yellow floor tiles with green sprouts occasionally emerging from the ground. As the players progress deeper into the dungeon, the thick green grass start to appear more rustic-brown in colour. Rooms are moderately large, with pathways directly leading players to adjacent rooms often. Sometimes, pathways lead players into dead ends.

Lower Floors

Mid Floors (10F-17F)

The mid floors of Honeydrop Meadow boasts thick, rustic-brown grass for wall tiles with deeper orange dirt floor tiles. Darkness starts from the mid floors, restricting player's visibility. Water tiles are less common than before and becomes smaller in quantity. Rooms are moderately large and the corridors are straightforward like the lower floors with occasional dead ends. 


Upper Floors

Higher Floors (18F-27F)

The scenery stays the same like the mid floors, with similarly sized rooms and pathway complexity. However, the darkness restricts more vision than previous floors. No water tiles are observable from this point onwards of the dungeon.


Icon Pokémon Floor Recruit Rate
010 Caterpie 1-7 9.4%
013 Weedle 1-7 9.4%
046 Paras 1-7 8.8%
165 Ledyba 1-7 3.8%
283 Surskit 1-7 6.7%
290 Nincada 1-7 6.8%
415 Combee 1-7 4.9%
540 Sewaddle 7-9 3.7%
664 Scatterbug* 7-9 8.7%
011 Metapod 7-17 7%
014 Kakuna 7-17 7%
070 Weepinbell 7-17 3.1%
166 Ledian 8-27 Unrecruitable
292 Shedinja 8-27 Unrecruitable
291 Ninjask 8-27 Unrecruitable
012 Butterfree 11-27 Unrecruitable
015 Beedril 11-27 Unrecruitable
047 Parasect 11-27 Unrecruitable
071 Victreebel 11-27 Unrecruitable
284 Masquerain 11-27 Unrecruitable
123 Scyther Secret Room -1.0%(Dawn)
127 Pinsir Secret Room -1.0%(Dusk)

*Only attacks in self-defense



When the player enters Honeydrop Meadow Clearing, a scouter Combee notices them, and informs Vespiquen of an intruder. They then attack the player, mistaking them for a Honey thief.

Pic. Pokémon
415 Combee
416 Vespiquen

When all 7 Combee and Vespiquen is defeated, a warp panel will appear at the end of the map. Players can leave the dungeon via the warp panel.

Boss Drop

Vespiquen may drop the following upon defeat:

  • Tiny Mushroom (1) (Common)
  • Honey (Uncommon)
  • X-Ray Specs (Rare)


Below is the complete list of items obtainable from Honeydrop Meadow,

Item Floor Rarity Special Tile
Poké 1-27 Common ---
Apple 1-27 Common ---
Escape Orb 1-27 Uncommon ---
Oran Berry 1-27 Common ---
Leppa Berry 1-27 Common ---
Cheri Berry 1-27 Common ---
Chesto Berry 1-27 Common ---
Gummies 10-27 Uncommon ---
Blast Seed 1-27 Common ---
Plain Seed 1-27 Common ---
Quick Seed 1-27 Common ---
Sticks 1-27 Common ---
Honey 10-27 Uncommon ---
Blowback Orb 1-27 Uncommon ---
Foe-Seal Orb 1-27 Uncommon ---
Rainy Orb 1-27 Uncommon ---
Slumber Orb 1-27 Uncommon ---
Spurn Orb 1-27 Uncommon ---
Sunny Orb 1-27 Uncommon ---
Totter Orb 1-27 Uncommon ---
Def. Scarf 1-27 Uncommon ---
Pecha Scarf 1-27 Uncommon ---
Stamina Band 1-27 Uncommon ---
Shed Shell 10-27 Uncommon ---
Shards 10-27 Rare ---
Heart Scale* 10-27 Rare Walls

Secret Room

Secret honey

Secret Room During the Day

Hondeydrop Meadow has a chance of spawning Secret Rooms between 20F to 25F. This Secret Room has no Deluxe Boxes inside; however, to make up for this, the player is able to summon Pokémon if Honey is used. The type of Pokémon spawned is dependent on the type of day. The weather in the Secret Room is always Sunny.

At dusk, if Honey is used, Pinsir will appear, while at Dawn, Scyther will appear alongside unrecruitable Combees. Using Honey at Day or Night will only spawn 5 unrecruitable Combees without any other exclusive Pokémon spawn.

Dungeon Objective

The goal in this dungeon is, like every other dungeon, to complete all floors and beat the boss for completion. Players may additionally visit the dungeon to recruit several Bug-Type Pokémon for the player's team roster.

The Pokémon Scatterbug, Sewaddle, Scyther, and Pinsir are exclusive to this dungeon.


  • Safeguard users are recommended to have in this dungeon; Slow Traps and enemy Pokémon using String Shot decreases the player's movement speed which can make dungeoning here at Honeydrop Meadow slow and frustrating.
  • Several Honey is often required to spawn Scyther or Pinsir in a Secret Room. Once spawned, players must seek another Secret Room to spawn another Scyther or Pinsir if players failed to recruit the elusive Pokémon.


  • This is the only dungeon where you can spawn a Scyther and Pinsir in a Secret Room.
  • This is the only dungeon that has 27 floors.
  • This dungeon was the first project Whitewing (Mapper) worked on.
  • Scatterbug was not present in the dungeon at its release. It was added in mid-June 2016.
  • It was originally planned to be named "Honeyglazed Prairie", but it was deemed too long, so it was renamed "Honeydrop Meadow" to be shorter and simpler.
    • That being said, the clearing was overlooked when the dungeon was renamed, and it was still named "Honeyglazed Prairie Clearing" before it was changed to "Honeydrop Meadow Clearing" after the change was made.