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The Housing Center

The Housing Center is a building available in many towns in PMU 7. It is located in the northeastern corner near the Mission Board in the town of Grassroot Town, and is also found in Snowbasin Town and Tanren City. Inside it contains every House owned by every player in the game. Upon entering the building for the first time, the Pellipers will give the player a small tutorial on how that place works. One can enter their house after this and edit it how they wish.

Housing center

Inside the Housing Center

Inside the Housing Center

There are three things one can do in here and they are as follows;

  • Visit player homes (top left)
  • Talk to the Pelipper (top center)
  • Talk to Wigglytuff to create a guild (top right)
House visit

Visit a home

Player Homes

Walking over the hole in the top left will let the player visit a house, and there are many things to do here:

  • Type a name in the blue bar and press Visit!By typing in the name of a player that exists in PMU 7, one can enter their house. The name has to be types exactly with the exception of capitalized letters. Visiting a house owned by "VGK" is the same as visiting one owned by "vgk."
  • Visit My House: Clicking this will take you to your own house, which you can edit. You do not need to type in your name in the blue bar in order to use this.
  • Cancel: Cancel all that you have typed in and leave, doing nothing.

Go to the House page to see more details on homes.

The Pelippers

Pelly and Phyllis are simply here to give a small tutorial upon entering for the first time and then are nothing but companions in the lonely Housing Center. Phyllis (to the right) will welcome the player to the Housing Center, and Pelly (to the left) will tell the player that they can enter houses by going to the hole to their left.

Wigglytuff Guilds

By talking to Wigglytuff in the top right, a player can create their own guild with a Master explorer rank of 13,500 points as well as having 100,000 poke on them at the time. The sign in front of Wigglytuff explains the rules of obtaining a guild, as well as how to do so. Go to the Guilds and Missions pages for more details on explorer ranks and the creation of guilds.

Explorer Points

With an increase in explorer points, more things will become available to edit your house with.


  • There was a housing district in PMU 6 however the houses were spread throughout the world.
  • The Pelippers names are a reference to the Animal Crossing pelicans that work on the Town Hall.

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