Iceberg Adrift
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Secret Room


Monster House


Level Range

50 to 70

Iceberg Adrift is an ice-themed PMU 6 dungeon reintroduced in PMU 7 on December 16th of 2018. To access this dungeon, you must first clear Iceberg Cavern. If you have a Key of the Winds you'll have access to the 4th boss, Suicune. A Key of the Winds is in the end room of Iceberg Frigid Waters.


The weather in this dungeon can be Snow, Hail, Cloudy, or Foggy. On the higher floors, Hail may be more common due to Alolan Ninetales spawning, as it has the ability Snow Warning. Psyduck and Golduck also spawn so the weather may commonly be Clear. Excluding boss rooms, there is no darkness at all in this dungeon. The traps in this dungeon consist of...

Icon Name
ChestnutTrap Chestnut Trap
ExplosionTrap Explosion Trap
GustTrap Gust Trap
GrimyTrap Grimy Trap
MudTrap Mud Trap
PitfallTrap Pitfall Trap
PPZeroTrap PP-Zero Trap
SealTrap Seal Trap
SelfdestructTrap Selfdestruct Trap
SlowTrap Slow Trap
SpikedTile Spikes Trap
SpinTrap Spin Trap
StealthRockTrap Stealth Rock Trap
StickyTrap Sticky Trap
SummonTrap Summon Trap
TripTrap Trip Trap
WarpTrap Warp Trap

  • Floors 1-12
  • Floors 13-28
  • Floors 29-42
  • Pink Ditto tile.

Floors 1-12

The scenery at first has soft snowy walls, floor, and frozen water, with small and medium sized icicles around.

Thin Ice Room

After the first boss is a puzzle with an invisible path. If you take a wrong step you fall into the Frozen Underpass. There, is the staircase to take you back into the main room.

Floors 13-28

The walls are still snowy, but the floor is solid ice with several cracks throughout it. There is no more water, and instead parts where uncracked, slid-able ice is. Occasionally there will be differing tiles.

This room after the second boss is a simple puzzle using ice mechanics to get to the small room containing the stairs to the next floor.


Floors 29-42

The walls are now also solid ice, largely cracked. The ground is the same, but with the varied tiles being more common. On Floors 39-42, there can show up a special tile that is pink. It serves as a sign to let you know that Ditto can appear. While this tile can appear at all times, Ditto can only spawn during Dawn.

After the final floor, before the third boss, is another puzzle room. You need to activate 3 switches that remove the icicles blocking the entrance to the boss room. All of the warps take you to back to the spawning point of the room.



Glalie and Cryogonal

Frozen Chamber

Boss Drop:

  • Mushroom

Weavile and Walrein

Frozen Lake

Neither of the two drop anything upon defeat.


Ancient Ruins

After the third puzzle room, you run into Team Agony again. Dunsparce notices you here and insists that if you came you would be killed. He asks if you are afraid of death. If you say "No", he tells you that you may still have time to leave and asks you if you will. Note that if you say "Yes" you will eventually have to say "No". Saying "No" results in him asking twice again until he tells the rest of Agony that you were here.

Boss Drop:

  • Fluffy Tail (Dedenne)
  • Burn Heal (Abra)
  • Plain Seed (Marshtomp)
  • Big Mushroom (Dedenne, Abra)
  • Mushroom (Dedenne, Dunsparce, Breloom)


Aurora Room

When you use your Key of the Winds on a locked door instead of going into the warp in the end room, you get access to the area beyond the door where Suicune resides. Suicune claims Pokémon lived here told it you got rid of the evil Pokémon who pursued this dungeon. Though, it tells you that you cannot have the treasure as it doesn't want it to be given to the wrong person. It asks if you still want it. Selecting "Yes" or "No" results in it saying that your answer doesn't matter and it will be the one to decide if you are worthy.

Boss Drop:

  • Suicine's Heart Slate
  • TM Blizzard

End Room

You have the option to use a Key of the Winds on one of the sealed doors or enter the warp in the middle which takes you into an empty room. The warp in that room is the exit to the dungeon that brings you to Snowbasin Town.

Iceberg Adrift Peak

End Box

Iceberg Adrift Peak

This serves as the "true" ending, and has a single Deluxe Box. It can only be reached after defeating Suicune.

  • Ice Stone
  • Icicle Key
  • Snowflake Key
  • Relic Crown
  • Heart Scale


Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

Icon Pokémon Floor Recruit Rate
0-a Alolan Sandslash F21-28 Unrecruitable
0-a Alolan Ninetales F29-42 Unrecruitable
054 Psyduck F1-12 Unrecruitable
055 Golduck F13-42 Unrecruitable
080 Slowbro F1-42 Unrecruitable
087 Dewgong F13-42 Unrecruitable
090 Shellder F1-12 3.4%
091 Cloyster F21-42 Unrecruitable
124 Jynx F21-42 Unrecruitable
132 Ditto F39-42


183 Marill F1-12 Unrecruitable
184 Azumarill F21-42 Unrecruitable
202 Wobbuffet F1-42 Unrecruitable
215 Sneasel F1-28 Unrecruitable
221 Piloswine F1-28 Unrecruitable
238 Smoochum F1-12 Unrecruitable
308 Medicham F1-42 Unrecruitable
358 Chimecho F21-42 Unrecruitable
361 Snorunt F1-12 Unrecruitable
362 Glalie F13-42 Unrecruitable
364 Sealeo F1-28 Unrecruitable
365 Walrein F36-42 Unrecruitable
418 Buizel F1-12 Unrecruitable
419 Floatzel F13-42 Unrecruitable
433 Chingling F1-12 Unrecruitable
461 Weavile F36-42 Unrecruitable
471 Glaceon F36-42 Unrecruitable
473 Mamoswine F36-42 Unrecruitable
478 Froslass F36-42 Unrecruitable
613 Cubchoo F1-12 35%
614 Beartic F13-42 Unrecruitable
615 Cryogonal F21-36


712 Bergmite F36-42 -10%
713 Avalugg F36-42 Unrecruitable


Name Location Tile Hidden
Frozen Rock F36+ Floor, Ice No
Never-Melt Ice F13+ Floor, Wall Yes
Lum Berry All Floors Floor Yes
Ether All Floors Floor Both
Frozen Apple All Floors Floor No
Max Ether All Floors Floor Both
Reviver Seed All Floors Floor Yes
Gummis F?? Floor No
TM Aurora Veil F29+ Ice Yes
TM Flash All Floors Floor No
TM Frost Breath F13+ Floor No
TM Hail All Floors Floor No
TM Ice Beam F29+ Wall No
TM Psych Up All Floors Floor No
TM Swagger All Floors Floor No
All-Aim Orb All Floors Floor No
Blowback Orb All Floors Floor No
Cleanse Orb All Floors Floor No
Evasion Orb All Floors Floor No
Foe-Hold Orb All Floors Floor No
Foe-Seal Orb All Floors Floor No
Hail Orb All Floors Floor No
Luminous Orb All Floors Floor No
Petrify Orb All Floors Floor No
Pounce Orb All Floors Floor No
Quick Orb All Floors Floor No
Recycle Orb All Floors Floor No
Spurn Orb All Floors Floor No
Stayaway Orb All Floors Floor No
Snowy Orb All Floors Floor No
Totter Orb All Floors Floor No
Warp Orb All Floors Floor No
Big Mushroom All Floors Floor Yes
Heart Scale All Floors Floor, Wall Yes
Shards F21+ Floor Yes

Dungeon Objective

Aside from completion, there's many reasons to explore this dungeon. Iceberg Adrift has the exclusive recruits Bergmite and Ditto. Cryogonal is a recruit which could otherwise only be obtained from Sky Fortress eggs. The first was only limited to events, and Ditto is a new addition. The new TM Aurora Veil is found only here. Ice Stones, the item to evolve the Alolan forms of Vulpix and Sandshrew, are obtainable from the end box here. Their respective keys can also be gotten from it.


  1. You need to have a Key of the Winds at the end in order to access and battle Suicune.
  2. Parties are disbanded after the third boss and you cannot be rescued when entering the Aurora Room.


  • On the third boss, you can try using a Foe-Hold Orb and other various orbs to make it more tolerable.
  • If you're looking for Ditto, bringing Honey may help.
  • Bring a Mobile Scarf or a Ghost-Type as TM Ice Beam can spawn in the walls.


  • Iceberg Adrift was created by Mad in PMU 7.
  • Iceberg Adrift is the dungeon that permanently released a few event only Pokémon, and first made Ditto obtainable.