Leader(s): Levy & ZaratoX

Administrator(s): Chalkali & Trevor

Guild (re-)created on: 22/03/12

Infamous was a guild created in PMU 6, and then later on re-created in PMU 7. It's notable for being an older guild as well as featuring several well-known players.

After the downfall of NeverEndingDarkness, Infamous quickly grew to be one of the 2 strongest guilds of PMU. Training and other activities such as harmonic tower took place every single day. (Fun fact, we did harmonic tower as a guild, in 2 parties of 8!).

After a couple of years, guildleader Zaratox had quit PMU and left Infamous in the hands of the co-leader, Levy. The guild slowly became inactive, but remains alive still. This makes infamous the oldest existing guild of PMU.

Known members through the years:

- Alex_Dono

- Blair

- Chalkali

- Clarify

- Corsage

- Dragonslayer1993

- DrakeDragon

- Greek Lover

- Flamebuja

- iJordan

- Levy

- Mewly

- MrD

- Nintor

- PowerfulDischargeGuy

- Pumbaa

- Timon

- Trans

- Trevor

- Shockie

- ZaratoX