Inferno Volcano
Inferno Volcano Entrance
Entrance to Inferno Volcano









Set Level


Secret Room


Sealed Chamber

20F & 40F

Monster House


Level Range

70 to 80

Inferno Volcano, also called IV, is located to the west of Archford. To get to the entrance, the move Rock Climb is needed. There are 60 floors and most Pokémon found here are Fire-type. The boss located at the end of the dungeon is Groudon.

Dungeon Parts


Lower Floors

The ground is a tan, dirt-like texture, with lava being very common and found in large quantities throughout this section. The wall consists of gray stone with lava veins showing. This begins at floor 1 and ends at floor 11. There is no darkness and these floors are commonly Sunny.

Mid-Lower Floors

The ground transitions from tan to a darker-colored dirt with this section. The walls are orange stone with the lava veins being more prominent. The amount of lava is consistent with the amounts on the previous floor. Darkness is introduced in this area. This lasts from floor 12 to floor 25. The weather on these floors, like the previous, is usually Sunny.

Mid-Upper Floors

The floor and walls are a dark red color, though the walls have more prominent lava veins than previous floors. Lava on the floor becomes less common. The darkness increases, limiting field of vision further, and the weather stays the same as previous floors. This begins at floor 26 and ends at floor 41.

Upper Floors

The scenery takes a drastic change. The floor is now a purple stone pattern and the walls are a dark red color. Lava on the floor grows more common, like in the first few sections. The darkness continues, though offers a good range of sight. Sunny weather is still common; the upper floors begin at floor 42 and last untill 60.


These Pokémon are mostly all Fire-type and start off as mainly stage 1 Pokémon. The Pokémon quickly become stronger. Pokémon in bold are recruitable, please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

Pic. Pokémon Floor Recruit Rate
219 Marcargo 1-11 Unrecruitable
256 Combusken 1-25 Unrecruitable
324 Torkoal 1-25 Unrecruitable
126 Magmar 1-41 Unrecruitable
156 Quilava 1-11 Unrecruitable
498 Tepig 1-25 Unrecruitable
075 Graveler 1-25 Unrecruitable
005 Charmeleon 1-41 Unrecruitable
076 Golem 12-25 Unrecruitable
157 Typhlosion 12-60 Unrecruitable
136 Flareon 12-60 Unrecruitable
112 Rhydon 12-41 Unrecruitable
006 Charizard 12-60 Unrecruitable
058 Growlithe 12-60 15%
059 Arcanine 12-60 Unrecruitable
323 Camerupt 12-41 Unrecruitable
038 Ninetales 12-60 Unrecruitable
037 Vulpix 23-60 15%
257 Blaziken 26-60 Unrecruitable
392 Infernape 26-60 Unrecruitable
454 Toxicroak 26-60 Unrecruitable
609 Chandelure 26-60 Unrecruitable
229 Houndoom 26-60 Unrecruitable
373 Salamence 26-60 Unrecruitable
467 Magmortar 26-60 Unrecruitable
078 Rapidash 26-60 Unrecruitable
344 Claydol 26-60 Unrecruitable
322 Numel 26-60 5%
155 Cyndaquil 26-60 2%
004 Charmander 26-60 2%


The items that are found in Inferno Volcano are all the necessary items required for an explorer; all tutor items can be found in this dungeon as well.

Sealed chambers are located in floors 20 and 40.

Name Location Rarity SpecialTile Visible
Magma Emblem All Floors Rare Lava Yes
TM Sunny Day Floor 41+ Rare Lava Yes
TM Will o Wisp All Floors Rare Lava Yes
TM Incierate ? Rare Lava Yes
TM Flamethrower Rare Yes
TM Overheat 51 - ? Rare
TM Explosion Rare Yes
TM Solar Beam 48 - ? Yes
Red Silk Sealed Chamber Rare Sealed 20/40 -
Revive Sealed Chamber Uncommon Sealed


Gummies All Floors Common Yes
Slumber Orb Yes
Foe-Hold Orb Yes
Sunny Orb All Floors Yes
Clear Sky Orb All Floors Yes
One-Room Orb Yes
Trapbust Orb Yes
Luminous Orb Yes
Evasion Orb Yes
Mobile Orb Yes
Cleanse Orb Yes
See-Trap Orb Yes

Kecleon Shop

  • Stamina Band
  • TM Flame Charge
  • TM Rock Slide
  • TM Stone Edge

Mystery Eggs

There is a single Pokemon found in Mystery Eggs in Inferno Volcano, being Heatmor. Mystery Eggs in Inferno Volcano are rather rare. Its exact floors are unknown, but the given floors are a current estimate.

Pic. Pokemon Location
Heatmor 50-60F, in Lava


  • Mob Boss after Warp Puzzle
  • Groudon on Final Floors

There are two sets of Bosses in the dungeon.

First Boss

The first boss is after completing the warp puzzle. The boss is a mob type boss (which is referred to as a Monster House) that includes a variety of Pokémon, such as:

Pic. Pokémon
324 Torkoal
006 Charizard
126 Magmar
038 Ninetales
392 Infernape
136 Flareon
219 Marcargo
323 Camerupt
157 Typhlosion
467 Magmortar
078 Rapidash

Second Boss

The second boss is located at the end of the dungeon. The final boss is Groudon.

Pic. Pokémon
383 Groudon

Boss Drops

  • Big Mushroom (Common)
  • Lava Cookie (Common)
  • Charcoal (Common or uncommon)
  • TM Fire Blast (Rare)
  • Groudon's Heart Slate (Rare)

Ending Box

  • Heat Rock
  • Magmarizer
  • TM Bulldoze
  • TM Flame Charge
  • TM Flamethrower
  • TM Hyper Beam
  • TM Fire Blast
  • Big Nugget

Secret Room


In this secret room, there are three switches: two to open the sealed boxes, and one inside to open the doors again to get outside.


  • TM Flamethrower
  • Heat Rock
  • Inferno Band
  • TM Bulldoze
  • TM Overheat
  • Lava Cookie
  • Star Piece
  • Revival Herb

Warp Puzzle

  • Warps with the Yellow Dot are the correct ones.
  • Press the stone to temporarily open the doors.
  • Press all stones to quickly finish the floor.
After floor 25, there is a warp puzzle that the player must complete in order to continue to the Mob Boss.

Dungeon Objective

Inferno Volcano has many Fire-type starters that can be recruited, such as Cyndaquil and Charmander. TM Fire Blast can only be found in this dungeon as a rare drop from Groudon. Players can also obtain Groudon's Heart Slate, which is also a rare drop from Groudon. With this Heart Slate, players can combine the Heart Slate with the Mystery Part to summon Groudon in dungeons. This also gives the player access to Groudon's Precipice Blades if Precipice Blades is a move that is selected when Groudon is summoned.

The Pokémon that are found in this dungeon give a lot of experience, so training here is a viable option.


  • The main offensive types to look out for are Fire-Type and Ground-type.
  • Pass Scarf can help fight the first mob boss.


  • Inferno Volcano was released within an hour of Seafloor Ruins being released, another dungeon in Archford.
  • Inferno Volcano is the couterpart of Seafloor Ruins.
  • This dungeon is based off the PMU6 dungeon Mt. Mantle, but also takes inspiration from Inferno Cave.