The Islands of Fate were likely a group of islands in PMU 5/Stone Age PMU. The area is a beachy/grassy paradise with a mansion located in the Northern-most part. The one NPC is a Riolu named Rai.

Information on this area is scarce.

Geography and Layout

It is speculated that this area was a small string of islands on the overworld. The southern-most part of the area is a beach dotted with small puddles of water and tufts of grass poking through the sand. North of the beach is a grassy area, and further North are palm trees and flower bushes with a road passing through the center, to the left of which is a sign. This road leads up to a clearing with Rose's House, a large log cabin with fencing to the right. Rai the Riolu is found in this area.

Rose's house contains a few rooms, only two of which have known layouts. The living room is at the front of the house, and contains a small table in the center and bookcases near the walls. A chest is against the left wall. On the right wall is a long shelf with a potted plant. A door leads out of the room, and a staircase serves as the exit to the overworld.

The kitchen contains a small table and cooking supplies sit on the North wall. There are two exits, one on the bottom and another on right, the latter of which has potted plant beside it.


These screenshots are what was used to create the description of the appearance of this area above. Screenshots shown below are courtesy of Lovi on Photobucket. 

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