Item Description Effect Location
Absorb BulbAbsorb Bulb A consumable item that raises all stats of the holder if hit with a water attack.
Air BalloonAir Balloon An item that allows the holder to float in the air. The item bursts when the holder is attacked. The holder is unaffected by ground-type moves and can walk over water, lava, and chasms.
Assault Vest An item to be held by a Pokemon. This offensive vest raises Sp.Def but prevents the use of status moves
  • Tanren undercity, Desert fangs shop
Beginner's BadgeBeginnerBadge A badge to start off all novice explorers. Increase all team members stats except HP by 5.
Big RootBig Root A held item that boosts the amount of HP recovered from HP-stealing moves. Increases recovery from moves such as Absorb.
Birthday Poffin Birthday Poofin Its Poffin flavored! No use, decoration only.
  • Dropped by Flare on the PMU Birthday in 2012
Black SludgeBlack Sludge A held item that boosts the HP recovery of Poison-types, but inflicts constant damage on other types. This item boost HP recovery while running only if you are a Poison-type. Any other types have their HP recovering blocked while running.
  • Tanren Chambers (Water 19F)
  • Tanren Mines (Dropped by Mid-Boss Nidoqueen)
  • Tanren Basement
Blight ClayLight Clay Extends the duration of barrier moves...? Prevents status afflictions from being healed.
BrightPowderBrightpowder A held item that casts a tricky glare. When held, in becomes easier for enemy attacks to miss the holder, especially from a distance. Lowers enemy accuracy on moves used against the holder.
Cell BatteryCell Battery A consumable battery. If the holder its hit by an electric-type move, it's attack will rise.
Clarity Relic
  • Mt. Moon end box
CookieBirthday Poofin Yum! No use, decoration only
Damp Rock Damp Rock A held item that gives effects of rainy weather to the holder. It only works if the weather is clear in the surrounding area. The holder is under the effect of rainy weather if the weather is clear.
  • Tanren Chambers (Water 89F)
  • Greenport Bazaar
  • Sky Fortress Electric (Secret Room Boxes)
Destiny Knot Destiny Knot A long, thin, bright-red string that causes foes to be infatuated if the holder does. If the holder becomes infatuated, the opponent causing the infatuation also becomes infatuated.
Eggsterminator A bag that holds an infinite amount of chocolate eggs. Great for throwing! it shoots chocolate when used with no effects.
  • Easter HC 2017 shop
Engraved TabletEngraved Tablet A stone with an oddly familiar engraving. It allows you entry to the Luminous Chamber.
Eject ButtonEject Button A held item that warps the holder away when hurts by an attack.
Event Token Event Token A special token for a special event! Currency for the event shop in Spinda's Café.
Everstone Everstone An item to be held by a team member. It prevents learning new moves upon leveling up for the holder and its team. Before 2014, prevents the holder from leveling up. This was useful for training with Exp. All.
EvioliteEviolite Reduces the damage taken by the holder and its teammates if they are capable of evolving.
Exp. All Repartir experiencia[1] A held item. The holder shares its gained EXP to the entire team. All team members split the EXP gained from defeating a Pokémon. This is a team item.
  • Tanren Chambers (Bug 74F,Steel F74,Ground F79)
  • Greenport Bazaar
  • Mt Moon Boss Drop
Expert BeltBlack Belt A held item that Increases the power of super-effective moves.
Family Items Charm ---
  • Inside Boxes in all Dungeons
Float StoneFloatstone A very light stone. If held, the holder's weight decreases and its able to float in water.
  • Tanren Chambers (Water 74F)
Golden MaskGoldenMask A shining gold mask that maximally increases recruit rate. When equiped, It increases the recruit rate 24%
  • Sky Fortress Garden End Box
  • Cryptic Chasm Boss Drop
Grip Claw Grip Claw A sharp claw that can trap foes that are attacked. It affects all members of the team when held by a single member. May afflict foes with immobilization.
Heart Piece Heart FI It could be give to luvdisc for some "sweet rewards". Note: can be lost. Can exchange these for items with Ludvisc.
  • 2015 Event (2014 Christmas/2015 Valentines Event)
Heat RockHeat Rock A held item that gives the effects of Sunny weather to the team. It only works if the weather is clear in the surrounding area. The holder is under the effect of sunny weather if the weather is clear.
  • Greenport Bazaar
  • Inferno Volcano Secret Room/Endbox
  • Tanren Chamber Fire F89
Icy RockIcy Rock A held item that gives the effects of Hail weather to the team. It only works if the weather is clear in the surrounding area. Puts the holder under the effects of Hail, but only in clear weather.
Iron BallIron Ball A heavy ball that weighs down the holder.
  • Tanren Chambers (Dragon 34F)
  • Tanren Chambers Steel Floor
Joy Ribbon Joy Ribbon A ribbon that gives the holder experience points when hurt in battle. Gives 1/2 exp per damage point.
  • Winter HC
  • Tanren Chambers (Normal 79F)
Joy Sword A sword item that lets you harness Aegislash's power through the power of Joywood's former master!
  • Haloween HC 2015
Lagging Tail' Lagging Tail An item that is tremendously heavy and makes the holder move slowe than usual. This item doesn't work at the moment
LeftoversLeftovers A held item that prevents the users belly from emptying while using moves. Moves will not deplete the belly.
Light ClayLight Clay Soft, light earth that prolongs the duration of the teams Reflect and Light Screen.
Long Onion Long Onion Smack your opponent down with this stick! Dropped by Farfetch'd (Rare)
Lovely Notes A bunch of lovely notes throws a lovely note as spray to a player without any effects. 2016 valentines HC shop
Lottery Ticket Card-FI A lottery ticket! Use it to participate in weekly lotteries! This ticket can be changed for a prize on Friday.
Lunar Wing Lunar Wing A feather that glows like the moon. It is said to hold the power to dispel nightmares. Having one team member hold it will allow the entire team to benefit from its effects. Prevents nightmare status.
  • Tanren Chambers (Psychic 54F)
MetronomeMetronome A held item that boosts the power of a move used consecutively. Its effect is reset if another move is used.
Magma EmblemMagma Emblem A team item that enables the team to walk over lava when equipped on a team member. Allows team to walk on lava.
  • Tanren Chambers B89F
  • Inferno Volcano
  • Sky Fortress Fire Path (Secret Rooms)
Miracle Chest
A valuable chest that greatly increases the amount of experience gained. Gives 25% additional experience.
  • Mysterious Jungle (Dropped by Mew)
  • Sky Fortress (Grass path final room boxes)
Munch Belt Munch Belt A held item that increases the offensive power, but makes the holder hungry Belly goes down faster while holding, but increases damage dealt.
  • Taric's Shop
Party Confetti Party Confetti Spread the color and joy all around. Just make sure you don't get any in your eyes. No use, decoration only.
  • Dropped by Flare on the PMU Birthday in 2012
Party InviteParty Invite Its so colorful and bright it´ll either make you sick or overjoyed... possibly both. No use, decoration only.
  • Dropped by Flare on the PMU Birthday in 2012
Poké Doll Poké Doll A soft plush doll that can be used to guard against an attack when the holder's HP is low.
  • Tanren Chambers (Water 74F,Ground F79)
  • Mysterious jungle (end room)
Pokeflute [2]Poké flute A flute that plays a soothe melody that wakes up all Pokémon in range. [3]
  • Tanren Chambers (Flying, Ice 34F)
Purity Relic A rare artifact that protects your whole team from the posion status condition When held you cant get posioned
  • Caustic Sewers ending box
Remedial Relic A rare artifact that protects the whole team from the burn status condition When held you cant get burned
  • Inferno Volcano ending box
Salinator 2000 it shoots salt! Great for making people felt salty!
Scope LensScope Lens A hold item that boosts the wearers critical-hit rate for attacks. Increases the holder's critical hit ratio.
  • Winden Forest
  • Sauna Cavern
  • Tanren Chambers (Grass 34F/59F, Fire 36F, Dark 34F)
Shed ShellShed Shell An slippery Item that prevents the wearer from being immobilized. Prevents immobilization.
Shell BellShell Bell A held item that slightly restores the holders HP every time it inflicts damage. Recovers 1 HP per 20 damage given.
Shoal Salt Shoal Salt-0 [4] Pure salt that is extremely salty. 5 of these can be combined with 5 Shoal Shells at the Beach House to form a Shell Bell.
Shoal ShellShoal Shell A pretty seashell striped in blue and white. 5 of these can be combined with 5 Shoal Shells at the Beach House to form a Shell Bell.
Smoke Ball An item that harshly lowers the accuracy of all nerby foes when used.
  • Jailbreak Tunnel
  • Mt. Skylift
Smooth RockSmooth Rock A team item that gives the effects of Sandstorm weather to the team. It only works if the weather is clear in the surrounding area.
  • Greenport Bazaar
  • Rustic Sarvannah End Box
  • Tanren Chambers (Rock F34,
Sticky BarbSticky Barb A painful held item gives recoil damage when attacking up close. It takes 1 damage per 50 damage caused. It only affects Pokémon that are near (one tile).
  • Tanren Chambers (Fire 28F)
  • Cryptic Chasm
Wide LensWide Lens A held item. It is a magnifying lens that slightly boosts the accuracy of moves
  • Tanren Chambers (Normal 34F and Electric 54F)
WiseglassesWiseglasses A held item that increases the power of special moves.
  • Tanren Chambers (Water 49F, Electric 54F)
  • Tanren Mansion
Wonder Chest WonderChest A valuable chest that slightly increases the amount of experience gained. Gives 15% additional experience.
  • Tanren Chambers (Any but Normal 99F)
  • Greenport Bazaar
X-Ray Specs X-Ray Specs A held item that allows the wearer to see items and enemies past the darkness. Gives the holder full visibility in dungeons.
Y-Ray Specs X-Ray Specs Allows the wearer to see enemies and items? Makes the entire screen black. Items, enemies and other players that are not on the same tile as the wearer can't be seen.
Zoom Lens
  • Tanren Chambers (Steel 44F)


  • Red and Green Candybars were an item in PMU 6. No further information is known about these items.
  1. after May 2016 Shoal salt has this image Exp. All
  2. before 2014 was named "Poké Flute"
  3. before 2014 the description says: A sweet-sounding flute that awakens all who hear it.
  4. after May 2016 Shoal salt has this image Soft Sand

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