Item Description Effect Location
Aquatic Key This exotic key belongs to the trive Elder of Southeastern Village. Opens Murky Trench door entrance.
  • Major's Office in Southeastern Archford
Coveted Key Coveted Key It looks like an ordinary key. Opens the room where Dratini lies.
Lunar Key A peculiar key from Mt. Moon. Opens the door to 21F.
Mansion Key This key opens the door to the Mansion Coutyard or Basement.
Pitch-Black Key Key Opens a door in Pitch Black Abyss. Helps escape from Room Trapping in Pitch-Black Abyss
Rusty Key Rusty key A suspicious key, possibly the doing of some lazy jail official. There are four Rusty Keys in total that will open a secret area to the west of Jailbreak Tunnel.
Seafloor Key A mysterious key whose origins seem linked to the Seafloor Ruins. Opens the sealed stairs from East Seafloor Ruins.
Seaside Key Key Grants the user access to the stairs in Seaside Cavern. Helps to open the sealed stairs in Seaside Cavern
Silver Key Key A key used to open locked rooms. Opens the Sealed Chamber in certain dungeons.
Tanren Key Key A key found in the Tanren Chambers used to open sealed passages. Opens switch points in Tanren Chambers.
Unown Key Key Opens switch points in Mt. Stormhold and Sky Fortress. Some can be invisible.
West Key Key The key to the lock on the Western side of Friendship Forest BF1 Opens locks for west path of Friendship Forest.