Seeds are some of the edible items in the game, like apples, berries, potions, ethers, and bananas. They can be found on the ground in dungeons, as well as in boxes.


Name Rarity Description Location
Plain Seed Plain Seed Common Fills the belly slightly. Serves no other use.
  • Tiny Grotto
  • Happiness Lake
  • Sour Root Cave
Seed Heal Seed Rare Heals status aliments.
SeedWarp Seed Common Warps the user to a random spot on the floor.
Blast SeedBlast Seed Common Deals damage to foe in front of user.
  • Thunderstorm Forest
SeedPure Seed Common A food item that warps the pokemon to stairs. In also slightly fills the Pokémon's belly.
SeedQuick Seed Uncommon Boosts the speed by double. Only lasts for floor used on.
  • Thunderstorm Forest
Rev SeedReviver Seed Uncommon Revives a fainted user with half their HP or fills belly up a bit if eaten. Turns into a Plain Seed after revival.
  • Happiness Lake (Water)
  • Thunderstorm Forest
  • Deep Thunderstorm Forest
Seed Slip Seed Uncommon Allows user to walk on water. Lasts only for floor used on or effected by an outside move.
SeedSleep Seed Uncommon Induces sleep.
Vanish SeedVanish Seed Very Rare Makes user invisible to everyone for a limited time.

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