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To see more information about tutors click Here.

These items generally are hidden in dungeons.

Item Description Effect Location
Big Mushroom Big Mushroom A large and rare mushroom. It is sought after by collectors. Allows a Pokémon to learn a move that its pre-evolution knew.
  • Hidden in Dungeons
  • Rustic Savannah (Ending Box)
  • Jailbreak Tunnel (Miniboss Drop)
Heart Scale Heart Scale A pretty heart-shaped scale that is extremely rare. It glows faintly colors of the rainbow. Randomly teaches a move learned by a tutor move. Also can be a egg move. Cannot be a BW/BW2 tutor move.
  • Hidden In Dungeons (Walls)
  • Meesa's Shard Exchange
  • Taric's Shop

Yellow ShardRed Shard Green ShardBlue Shard

A mysterious <color> shard! Maybe I can trade this in somewhere... Randomly teaches a BW/BW2 move learned by a tutor move, but it depends from the shard. (Red Physical, Blue Special, Green Status move, Yellow All)
  • Hidden in Dungeons
  • Meesa's Shard Exchange
Tiny Mushroom Tiny Mushroom A small mushroom. It's popular among certain fanatical segments. Teaches a Forgotten move

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