The Kangaskhan Storage is a storage facility located in the Southern part of Grassroot Town, where players can store their valuables and poke inside when going to dungeons. The storage starts out with 10 pages for each player, but expands when the player goes up certain ranks after completing Missions. The items stored in here are saved regardless of the player's time away or success outside of the town. The items will not be lost as some may be when fainting in a dungeon with a full inventory. 

How To Use


Players can store and take as many items as the storage and inventory  pages allow from this building in town. It is a very essential part of being an explorer, as one would not want to lose all their precious items in any dungeon.

To store or take items, the player stands in front of the building until this menu appears, and then the player selects what they wish to do. 


  • In earlier versions of PMU, Kangaskhan used to be Level 100. But because of a Pass Scarf glitch that killed players off, they change Kangaskhan's level to Level 1.