Hello! This is Zappeh writing about the guild I own called Legendary Thunder! This guild currently only has me, but I am looking to find some more people! However I do have some things I look for in people.

To be a member qualifications can include:

  • Being nice to other guildmates
  • Be active unless you tell an admin or me you'll be away for a while
  • Have fun with others
  • Willing to help others within the guild

To be an admin qualifications can include

  • Same qualifications as a member
  • Help create guild dungeon adventures or guild events
  • Help contribute if I ever hold guild giveaways
  • Make other guildmates feel welcome

Hopefully more people become interested in the guild and come ask me to join! I will also add a list of all members and admins as well as the guild leader being me.

Legendary Thunder Leader:

  • Zappeh

Legendary Thunder Admins:

Legendary Thunder Members:

  • Linac

Thanks for taking the time to read about the guild!

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