Mt. Skylift
Mt. Skylift
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Secret Room


Silk/Sealed Chamber


Level Range

20 to 40

Mt. Skylift, also called Mt. Sky, Skylift, or simply Sky, is a dungeon that contains mostly flying-type Pokémon found in the Exbel region. It changes scenery three times, each with stronger pokémon. The final floor of the dungeon has no boss and the HM Fly.

Mt. Skylift is found northwest of Grassroot Town and northeast of Pitch-Black Abyss.

Dungeon Parts


The scenery in this dungeon changes 3 times. Each time, the Pokémon grow stronger and higher on the evolutionary scale.

Low Floors (1-12)

The dungeon here has orange ground tiles and gray walls. The weather is usually Rainy. Water here is uncommon.

Mid-Floors (13-24)

These floors look exactly the same as the previous floors. However, the Pokémon here are stronger and the weather now includes Cloudy.

Upper Floors (25-36)

The scenery set here changes drastically, with the walls becoming lighter and the ground turning from an orange dirt color to a dark green color. The weather here is usually Cloudy unless a Pokémon with Cloud Nine, such as Altaria, spawns. The water here is much more rare.


Most of the Pokémon in this dungeon are part Flying-type. Most evolutionary lines are completely represented. The Pokémon here appear at all times of day.

Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

Pic. Pokémon Floor Recruit Rate
21 Spearow 1-24
278 Wingull 1-24 6,4%
396 Starly 1-24
16 Pidgey 1-24 7,2%
276 Taillow 1-24 0,7%
441 Chatot 1-36 3,2%
397 Staravia 13-24
227 Skarmory 13-36
188 Skiploom 13-24 -3,9%
22 Fearow 13-36
279 Pelipper 13-36 Unrecruitable
333 Swablu 13-24
334 Altaria 13-36 Unrecruitable
17 Pidgeotto 13-24 Unrecruitable
49 Venomoth ??-36
267 Beautifly 25-36
398 Staraptor 25-36 Unrecruitable
277 Swellow 25-36
18 Pidgeot 25-36 Unrecruitable

(Please edit and add anything that is missed or wrong)


This dungeon has many different items in it. It has basic supplies as well as tutor items and Old Amber, which is an item exclusive to this dungeon.

  • Apple
  • Ether
  • Elixir
  • Honey
  • Big Apple
  • Leppa Berry
  • Oran Berry
  • Oren Berry
  • Herbal Tea
  • Pecha Berry
  • Cheri Berry
  • Stamina Band
  • Reviver Seed
  • TM Roost
  • Old Amber (Invisible-Ground)
  • TM Dragon Tail
  • TM Acrobatics
  • TM Aerial Ace
  • TM Gyro Ball
  • TM Facade
  • TM Roar
  • HM Fly

Sealed Chamber (30F)

  • Nugget
  • Sky Silk
  • Lum berry

Mystery Eggs

The mystery eggs in Mt. Sky contain;

  • Hoothoot
  • Spearow
  • Pidgey
  • Venonat
  • Starly

Secret Room

This dungeon also is one of the few dungeons that offer Secret Rooms. The room is shaped like a bird and has a total of 2 Deluxe Boxes. The items that can be obtained from the boxes are as follows;

  • TM Dragon Tail
  • Huge Apple
  • Revival Herb
  • Feather Band

Dungeon Objective

The main objective is to obtain HM Fly, and after that players usually return for the great amount of training that can be done at this dungeon for the large amount of experience it offers on higher floors.


  • Aerodactyl was once a pokémon that could be recruited directly from this dungeon, but was later removed with the introduction of Old Amber.

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