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Level Range

20 to 40

Mt. Skylift, most commonly known as Skylift, is a dungeon that contains mostly Flying-Type Pokémon found North-West of Grassroot Town, and North-East of Pitch-Black Abyss. It provides the player HM Fly at the end of the dungeon, and has no boss to defeat in order to complete the dungeon.

Due to the amount of enemies spawned, ease of defeating the enemy Pokémon, resources provided and experience points gained, Mt. Skylift is the best dungeon to train Pokémon from level 25 up to level 40.


The scenery in this dungeon changes 3 times. Each time, the Pokémon grow stronger and higher on the evolutionary scale.

Low Floors (1-15)

The lower floors of Mt. Skylift feature mild, orange dirt tiles and orange walls. Various weather are present starting as early as 1F, and water tiles are common. Rooms tend to be small, with pathways often leading -players to neighboring rooms or occasionally dead ends. From 6F onwards, clear weather may be prevalent due to Swablu regularly spawning, starting on the 6F.

Mid-Floors (16-25)

At the midfloor, a more canyon-like surrounding is presented. The floors are sand-coloured and the walls dyed brick-red. Room sizes varies from this point onwards; the rooms may be small or are moderately large, and there are no water tiles on the mid-floors. Pathways often directly lead players to neighboring rooms as usual. Clear weather is also prevalent due to Swablu and Altaria regularly spawning on these floors.

Upper Floors (26-36)

The scenery set here changes drastically, with the walls and floors appearing in shades of cobble. The rooms at this point of the dungeon are moderately sized, with occasional large rooms. Patches of water tiles reoccur again on the upper floors. The weather here is often Rainy due to Pelipper regularly spawning, otherwise it will remain clear as Altaria are also found on the upper floors.


Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

Icon Pokémon Floor Recruit Rate
016 Pidgey 1-10 7.4%
021 Spearow 1-10 7.4%
278 Wingull 1-10 6.4%
396 Starly 1-10 6.4%
163 Hoothoot 1-10 6.4%


276 Taillow 1-10 0.7%


333 Swablu 6-36 2.5%
441 Chatot 6-36 3.2%
017 Pidgeotto 11-24 -9.5%
277 Swellow 11-24 -10%
397 Staravia 11-24 -9.5%
164 Noctowl 11-36 -9.2%(Dusk/Night)
227 Skarmory 11-36 1%
049 Venomoth 11-24 -4.5%
188 Skiploom 11-24 -3.0%
022 Fearow 18-36 -11.2%
267 Beautifly 18-36 -4.5%
334 Altaria 18-36 Unrecruitable
189 Jumpluff 26-36 Unrecruitable
018 Pidgeot 26-36 Unrecruitable
279 Pelipper 26-36 -11.4%
398 Staraptor 26-36 Unrecruitable


Item Table

Below is the complete list of items obtainable from Mt. Skylift. Note that items in bold are hidden items, whereas items with an * indicate that they are found in walls.

Item Location Rarity Special Tile Visible
Poké 1-36 Common --- Yes
Apple 1-36 Common --- Yes
Big Apple 1-36 Uncommon --- Yes
Ether 1-36 Common --- Yes
Max Ether 1-36 Uncommon --- Yes
Blast Seed 1-36 Common --- Yes
Tiny Reviver Seed 1-36 Rare --- Yes
Reviver Seed 1-36 Rare --- Yes
Escape Orb 1-36 Common --- Yes
Oran Berry 1-36 Common --- Yes
Cheri Berry 1-36 Common --- Yes
Chesto Berry 1-36 Common --- Yes
Leppa Berry 1-36 Common --- Yes
Pecha Berry 1-36 Common --- Yes
Persim Berry 1-36 Common --- Yes
Lum Berry 1-36 Common --- Yes
Chilan Berry 1-36 Common --- Yes
Coba Berry 1-36 Common --- Yes
Gummies 11-36 Uncommon --- Yes
Herbal Tea 1-36 Uncommon --- Yes
Honey 1-36 Rare --- Yes
Iron Thorn 1-36 Common --- Yes
Sharp Beak 26-36 Uncommon --- Yes
Smoke Ball 1-36 Uncommon --- Yes
Stamina Band 5-36 Uncommon --- Yes
Cloudy Orb 1-36 Common --- Yes
Foggy Orb 1-36 Common --- Yes
Rainy Orb 1-36 Common --- Yes
Sunny Orb 1-36 Common --- Yes
All-Aim Orb 1-36 Uncommon --- Yes
Blowback Orb 1-36 Uncommon --- Yes
Cleanse Orb 1-36 Uncommon --- Yes
Evasion Orb 1-36 Uncommon --- Yes
Foe-Hold Orb 1-36 Uncommon --- Yes
One-Room Orb 1-36 Rare --- Yes
Quick Orb 1-36 Rare --- Yes
Rollcall Orb 1-36 Uncommon --- Yes
See-Trap Orb 1-36 Rare --- Yes
Slumber Orb 1-36 Uncommon --- Yes
Spurn Orb 1-36 Uncommon --- Yes
Trapbust Orb 1-36 Uncommon --- Yes
Warp Orb 1-36 Uncommon --- Yes
TM Protect 1-36 Rare --- Yes
TM Roar 1-36 Rare --- Yes
TM Facade 16-36 Rare --- Yes
TM Acrobatics 16-36 Rare --- Yes
TM Aerial Ace 16-36 Rare --- Yes
TM Roost 26-36 Rare --- Yes
TM Dragon Tail 26-36 Rare --- Yes
TM Gyro Ball 26-36 Rare --- Yes
TM Roost 26-36 Rare --- Yes
Ether 26-36 Uncommon --- No
Max Ether 26-36 Uncommon --- No
Mental Herb 26-36 Uncommon --- No
Shards 26-36 Uncommon --- No
Heart Scale* 26-36 Rare Walls No
Old Amber 26-36 Rare --- No

Kecleon Shop

Kecleon Shops are found on 16F and 28F.

The following is the complete list of items Kecleon Shop offers at Mt. Skylift:

Item Price (Poké)


Apple 75 16F, 26F
Herbal Tea 200 16F, 26F
Cleanse Orb 500 16F, 26F
Recycle Orb 500 16F, 26F
Stamina Band 1000 16F, 26F
Power Band 1000 16F, 26F
Zinc Band 1000 16F, 26F
Reviver Seed 2500 16F, 26F
Revival Herb 4000 16F, 26F
TM Acrobatics 5000 16F, 26F
TM Aerial Ace 5000 16F, 26F
TM Facade 5000 16F, 26F
TM Pluck 6500 16F, 26F

Sealed Chamber

Mt. Skylift contains a single Sealed Chamber on 30F. The Light Box within it will contain either of the following items listed below:

  • Nugget
  • Revive
  • Huge Apple
  • Sky Silk (20%)

Secret Room

This dungeon also is one of the few dungeons that offer Secret Rooms. The room is shaped like a bird and has a total of 2 Deluxe Boxes. The items that can be obtained from the boxes are as follows;

  • TM Dragon Tail
  • Huge Apple
  • Revival Herb
  • Feather Band

Mystery Eggs

Mystery Eggs potentially found on any floor of Mt. Skylift contains:

Icon Pokémon
016 Pidgey
021 Spearow
048 Venonat
163 Hoothoot
396 Starly

Dungeon Objective

The main objective is to obtain HM Fly, and after that players usually return for the great amount of training that can be done at this dungeon for the large amount of experience it offers on higher floors. Several recruitable Pokémon are also found here.

Aerodactyl is exclusively found in Mt. Skylift and is present as rare, hidden item known as Old Amber.


  • Aerodactyl was once a Pokémon that could be recruited directly from this dungeon, but was later removed with the introduction of Old Amber.