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Mt. Stormhold, shortened to Stormhold or SH by players, is a dungeon located at North-Western part of Winden. In this dungeon, the wind is quicker than normal. In order to reach to the entrance, one needs Rock Climb.

Dungeon Parts


Beginning Floors

Low Mt.stormhold
In the beginning floors, the walls are dirt ground covered with white snow and tiny plants growing on it. The floor is surrounded with tiny and medium plants growing on it. There are a few water tiles. The weather consists of snow and hail, and the wind cools down when you enter the floors.

Low Floors

Lower floors have ice floors with cloud walls and frozen water. The weather is the same than before, adding cloudy and rainy weather. Rooms are standard size with many corridors.

Mid-Low Floors

Mid low floors are gray with some cracks and craters on it. The walls are rough gray rock. The water becomes purple in this zone and will no longer be frozen. The weather stays the same while darkness will start to appear.


In this zone, the floors become gray with cracks and marks on it as the walls in previous floors. The walls have cloudy weather like low floors. The water disappears and the rooms becomes more spacious.

Mid-Upper Floors

Mid-upper floors have dark ground with some lime lichen growing on it. The blackish gray rock walls and the water appears again.

Upper Floors

Upper floors have blackish gray ground with rocks like the walls in previous floors. Walls are also as dark clouds. The water disappears once more.


Pokémon are principally flying and ice-types Pokémon. In mid upper floors, Braviary appears. Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

  • Glalie
  • Noctowl
  • Pidgeotto
  • Pidgeot
  • Staravia
  • Swellow
  • Chatot
  • Rufflet (Wild F 21-25 and in Eggs)
  • Braviary
  • Glaceon
  • Staraptor
  • Absol
  • Fearow


  • Orbs
  • Reviver Seed
  • Plain Seed
  • Frozen Apple
  • Ether
  • Frozen Oran
  • Silk Scarf (Walls)
  • Persim Band

Secret Room

  • Revival Herb
  • Feather Band
  • Weather Band
  • Escape Rope
  • Revive
  • Sharp Beak
  • Nugget

Mystery Eggs

  • Rufflet
  • Hoothoot
  • Snorunt

Dungeon Objective

The objective of this dungeon is gain the access to Sky Fortress via fly near entrance of Mt. Stormhold.


  • Between floors 14 and 15, there is a sealed box. In order to open in and continue, it's necessary to get the 5 rocks in this floor; 4 visible and 1 invisible in front of the sealed box. The best way is to have one player pick up all the stones as if a player is defeated with a stone in hand, you will not be able to proceed.


  • This dungeon was made by Foxie.

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