Mystery Skulls
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Art of the Guild's high ranks when the Guild was Free the Soul. Made by Tansy. Do not use without permission.

Creation Date

Oct 19, 2015









Mystery Skulls is a PMU7 Guild made on October 19th, 2015. It was originally named Free the Soul, but was later changed to Neo Research and then eventually Mystery Skulls. Presently, it's accepting new members.


Mystery Skulls' namesake comes from the music group called Mystery Skulls. It is one of Kanji's favorite music groups, and thus, they named their Guild after it. The Guild has no specific purpose or goal outside of giving Kanji a fancy green name above their username. It also serves as a private chat among those in the Guild, but it is rarely used for any legitimate discussions, as Kanji is uncomfortable with the fact that staff is able to see guild chats.

Member List

This is a list of all current members of the Guild. The founder is bolded. Admins are italicized.

  • Kanji

Former Members

This is a list of previous Guild members. It is excluded to honorable mentions only.

  • N/A


In order to join Mystery Skulls, one of the administrators or the founder must be contacted and informed of such. This can be sent by someone already in the Guild or personally. The admins and founder will talk to make sure that the person will not be someone who will cause problems or leave quickly. When they reach a decision, the player will be contacted and added to the Guild if that was decided.

Kanji states that although this may seem like a process that could intimidate someone, they assure that it's really not that big of a deal. Most people who would ask to join wouldn't be someone who would be rejected. The process exists just so that everyone with administrative powers in the Guild know who is being added and no one who the administrators don't get along with will be added. The Guild highly values harmony and safety among its members.


  • This is the first Guild Kanji made, and apparently won in a decision deciding between it and the names "CTF Cult" and "bofa".
  • The Guild was formerly named Free the Soul, a reference to the Zero Escape video game series. It was renamed due to Kanji wanting a new name. Its old headquarters was FtS HQ. As the FtS HQ account was never deleted, the house can still be visited.
  • There was once a conspiracy theory in the Guild's old days that only Kanji and Makoto Yuki are the other members. The other members do not exist. It's unclear if that means that Kanji is lying about other people being part of the Guild, if the other members are alternate accounts to Kanji and Makoto Yuki, or other. This theory is also likely untrue, as Kanji, Makoto Yuki, and the supposed fake members have all been seen online at the same time.


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