Mystic Coven
Mystic Covern Dungeon Entrance
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Set Level


Secret Room


Monster House


Level Range

35 to 55

Mystic Coven is a unique Ghost/Psychic-type theme dungeon found South-East of Tanren City in Tanren and South-West of Tanren Mines. It is only accessible during Dusk time and Night time. There are 3 witches, Mismagius, Braixen, and Delphox which acts as the final boss of the dungeon.  

The level of the enemy Pokémon are between level 35 to 50. Several exclusive Pokémon can recruited here in Mystic Coven.


The scenery in this dungeon has a minor change once after 25F. Upon reaching 26F, enemy Pokémon are higher-leveled and most are on their next evolutionary state. There are no special tiles throughout the entire dungeon. Note that dungeon is always cloudy unless players lead each floor with a weather-inducing Pokémon.

Lower Floors (1F-25F)

Mystic Coven 1F-25F Scenery-0

Mystic Coven scenery from 1F to 25F

Mystic Coven's lower floors feature a dark, eerie-looking dungeon with dirt-like, chocolate-brown floor tiles and deep-green shrubs with black-petaled flowers acting as wall tiles. Rooms are moderately-sized to fairly large, and corridors often and quickly leads players to nearby adjacent rooms. Mushrooms occasionally make up a wall tile of the dungeon.

Higher Floors (26F-50F)

Mystic Coven 25F-50F Scenery

Mystic Coven's scenery between 26F to 50F, with Sunny weather due to leading with a Pokémon with Drought

At higher floors, the dungeon floor tiles remains the same but wall tiles are of duller, deep-green shrubs with white-petaled flowers. As previously, rooms are moderately-sized to fairly large, and corridors often and quickly leads players to nearby adjacent rooms. Mushrooms occasionally make up a wall tile of the dungeon.


Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.



Floor Recruit Rate
052 Meowth 1-25 Unrecruitable
093 Haunter 1-25 Unrecruitable
196 Espeon 1-25 Unrecruitable
177 Natu 1-25 0.6%
281 Kirlia 1-25 Unrecruitable
355 Duskull 1-25 0.7%
356 Dusclops 1-25 Unrecruitable
425 Drifloon 1-25 Unrecruitable
431 Glameow 1-25 Unrecruitable
065 Kadabra 1-50 Unrecruitable
178 Xatu 1-50 Unrecruitable
518 Musharna 1-50 Unrecruitable
561 Sigilylph 1-50 Unrecruitable
053 Persian 26-50 Unrecruitable
197 Umbreon 26-50 Unrecruitable
282 Gardevoir 26-50 Unrecruitable
426 Drifblim 26-50 Unrecruitable
432 Purugly 26-50 Unrecruitable
477 Dusknoir 26-50 Unrecruitable
709 Trevenant 26-50 Unrecruitable
092 Gastly 26-50 1.0%
708 Phantump 35-50 0.4%
653 Fennekin 41-50 0.5%


Upon arriving to the end of the dungeon, the player will stumble upon 3 witches; Mismagius, Braxien and Delphox, attending to their cauldron and adding a couple of ingredients before noticing the player. They will then question if the player intends to interrupt them, and the players will be provided a chance of answering either "Yes" or "No".

Regardless of the player's response, the witches will proceed to attack the player.



429 Mismagius
654 Braixen
655 Delphox

Neither bosses drop any items upon defeat.


Item Table

The following is the complete list of items obtainable from Mystic Coven. Note that items in bold are hidden itemswhereas items with an * indicate that they are found in walls.

Item Floor Rarity Special Tile Visible
Poké 1-50 Uncommon --- Yes
Yellow Apple 1-50 Common --- Yes
Ether 1-50 Common --- Yes
Reviver Seed 1-50 Uncommon --- Yes
Oran Berry 1-50 Common --- Yes
Leppa Berry 1-50 Common --- Yes
Sitrus Berry 1-50 Common --- Yes
Lum Berry 1-50 Common --- Yes
Blast Seed 1-50 Common --- Yes
Gravelerock 1-50 Common --- Yes
All Power-Up Orb 1-50 Uncommon --- Yes
Blowback Orb 1-50 Uncommon --- Yes
Cleanse Orb 1-50 Common --- Yes
Foe-Hold Orb 1-50 Uncommon --- Yes
Petrify Orb 1-50 Uncommon --- Yes
Pounce Orb 1-50 Uncommon --- Yes
Recycle Orb 1-50 Uncommon --- Yes
Scanner Orb 1-50 Uncommon --- Yes
See-Trap Orb 1-50 Uncommon --- Yes
Slumber Orb 1-50 Uncommon --- Yes
Stayaway Orb 1-50 Uncommon --- Yes
Totter Orb 1-50 Uncommon --- Yes
Warp Orb 1-50 Uncommon --- Yes
TM Thief 1-?? Rare --- Yes
Shards 25-50 Uncommon --- No
Heart Scale* 25-50 Rare Walls No

End Box

Mystic Coven offers the players two Deluxe boxes at the center of the map before two warp panels leading to the exit after defeating the end bosses. Below is the complete list of items obtainable from Mystic Coven's end box:

  • 500 Poké
  • Frozen Apple
  • Tiny Mushroom (1)
  • Big Mushroom (1)
  • Spell Tag
  • Ghost Diamond
  • Psychic Diamond
  • TM Will-o-Wisp

Dungeon Objective

The dungeon, like many others, requires the player to climb the dungeon floors and beat the boss for completion. Players may also wish to visit Mystic Coven to train here due to the high number of enemy Pokémon that spawns in this dungeon, EXP rewarded upon defeating the enemy Pokémon, and the simplicity of the dungeon layout.

Fennekin and Phantump are the exclusive recruitable Pokémon found in Mystic Coven.


  • Due to the abundance of Reviver Seeds spawned in this dungeon, players may wish to visit the Mystic Coven to farm for free Reviver Seeds.
  • Players that wish to train here at Mystic Coven should consider bringing extra Ethers or Max Ethers because of Duskull, Dusclops, and Dusnoir's presence throughout the dungeon. These Pokémon's ability, Pressure, doubles PP usage of used moves if the Pokémon with the ability is within the player's screen's radius.
  • Pokémon knowing large AOE moves such as Ominous Wind, Discharge, Blizzard, or Heat Wave is recommended when training in this dungeon, as Ghost-types are likely to travel through walls, making it difficult for players to target them.


  • Mystic Coven was released on the 5th of May 2018.
  • Natu was a recruitable Pokémon previously exclusive to Pitch-Black Abyss.
  • Mystic Coven is only accessible at Dusk/Night, making it the first to be restricted on the basis of time excluding Dream Grove, which has different versions depending on the time of the day.
  • This dungeon marks the permanent release of Fennekin outside the Easter Holiday Cave, and Phantump which was exclusive to Halloween Holiday Cave 2017.


Pokémon Mystery Universe- Part 101- Mystic Coven! by Shiny Zekrom

Pokémon Mystery Universe- Part 101- Mystic Coven! by Shiny Zekrom


Mystic Coven End

Mystic Coven's end room, with 2 Deluxe Boxes as reward for dungeon completion

Mystic Coven Entry Denied

The error message that pops up when players attempt to enter Mystic Coven's entrance when it is Dawn/Day