Never Ending Darkness (NED) -  The NED guild was notorious for having high-leveled guild members. Early 2012 (Around mid April), most if not all members received a level-dock due to abusing an item (Joy Ribbon), causing many guild members to quit. For the most part, the guild members were very nice, helpful, and worked hard for their levels. 

Leader: Mabster

Co-Leader: TrainerKP

Veteran Members: Minsc, SINISTER23, Tacozz (Lyle), PolarBear (Jose), Logan65, Scraggy (Skarow, who has since left the guild.) Dinner35 (Alex), playerozone (Rui) and Levy.


When a new member joined the guild, they actually got the pick some items from the guild inventory. Items were organized into Equips, TMs, and Misc. On top of those items, they also recieved a certain amount of money.


  • NED was originally created in PMU 6.
  • It was the first guild to be created with the new guild system in early 2012. This was due to TrainerKP buying missions for 40,000 each.
  • During the short Joy Ribbon abuse era (April 2012), it could have been proven that NED had a combined total of most of the highest levels contained in a guild in PMU 7 history up to that point in April, when they abused the Joy Ribbon, therefore making it the strongest guild before their level dock.

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