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Neverused is a tier in Pokemon Mystery Universe.

Neverused is a tier that represents Pokemon that are least common compared to all other Pokemon. Most of them are rare to see used if at all. There are many different reasons to this. Some might include:

  • Being useless in competitive play
  • Being useless in dungeons
  • Being outclassed by a number of various Pokemon
  • Generally having a low popularity

Neverused Pokemon are the least popular.

List of Neverused Pokemon

The Pokemon in the following list are in no order and all have roughly the same rank as others in terms of popularity.

  • Oshawott
- Harmonic Tower 20F+ (Eggs)
  • Cherrim Mugshot Cherrim

  • Kabutops Mugshot Kabutops


  • Snorlax Mugshot Snorlax


  • Ursaring Mugshot Ursaring


  • Hippowdon Mugshot Hippowdon

  • Togekiss Mugshot Togekiss

  • Mismagius Mugshot Mismagius


  • Nincada Mugshot Nincada

  • Kricketune Mugshot Kricketune
  • Archen
  • Plusle Mugshot Plusle

  • Blastoise Mugshot Blastoise

  • Mareep Mugshot Mareep

  • Torkoal Mugshot Torkoal

  • Swellow Mugshot Swellow


  • Dodrio Mugshot Dodrio

  • Slowking Mugshot Slowking


  • Hitmontop Mugshot Hitmontop

  • Vileplume Mugshot Vileplume


  • Clamperl Mugshot Clamperl

  • Raichu Mugshot Raichu

  • Buneary Mugshot Buneary

  • Venomoth Mugshot Venomoth
  • Beartic
  • Glalie Mugshot Glalie
  • Lampent
  • Meowth Mugshot Meowth


  • Donphan Mugshot Donphan

  • Staraptor Mugshot Staraptor


  • Abomasnow Mugshot Abomasnow

  • Octillery Mugshot Octillery

  • Pichu Mugshot Pichu

  • Shinx Mugshot Shinx

  • Marill Mugshot Marill

  • Muk Mugshot Muk


  • Hitmonlee Mugshot Hitmonlee

  • Dunsparce Mugshot Dunsparce

  • Caterpie Mugshot Caterpie

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