Outlaws are players who killed another! This status was an easy one to receive in PMU 6, and was completely removed shortly after the release of PMU 7.

How did people become Outlaws?

Becoming an outlaw was very easy, but could only be done by killiing a player. In PMU 6, the system available for using moves meant selecting a move and clicking a certain Pokémon to use it on, and all Pokémon can be selected, even party players joining you in a dungeon. And using this, there are to ways to become an outlaw:

  • Attacking yourself with a move (clicking on yourself and continuously using a move until you faint).
  • Attacking another player in the dungeon or anywhere (clicking on them and using a move until they faint).

What was being an Outlaw like?

Outlaw Tsuki

An Outlaw, indicated by their dark red name.

You can tell if someone is an outlaw by the color of their name, as turns from the usual bright red to a dark crimson red when the player becomes an outlaw. Players with the dark red names could only be cleared of their Outlaw status by making them faint. These outlaws were not safe in any town or dungeon, and could be attacked even inside any dungeon by other players. Once the outlaw faints, they go back to their regular status and bright red name. Until they have fainted, players kept their outlaw statuses for days or even months at a time, as the status does not fade away when the player logs out.

Fun and Games

Screenshot39 (1)

A collection of Outlaws at Mt. Barricade.

Although becoming an outlaw was meant to protect the community from players that take others into dungeons just to kill them, many enjoyed becoming outlaw without the trouble of dragging someone else with them into a dungeon. This was done by simple clicking yourself and using moves until you fainted. Doing so had become a game among many players, as well as Outlaw Hunters. Some players create games such as "Who can stay the Outlaw the longest" and even made their own rules for these games. Many outlaws ran through town, usually the most populated area in the game, just to provoke others to run and chase them, like "Tag." For some players, becoming an outlaw had almost become a hobby, as there were many dungeons close to town that were easily accessible, and one could become an outlaw in a matter of minute and keep doing so for the sake of a chasing thrill.


  • The arena allowed people to become outlaws in early PMU 7.

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