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What are the controls of PMU? How can you play the game effectively, and have all the inside knowledge of how to use commands some players of PMU don't even know?

There are many commands that can be acivated by typing
"/command 'text' "

Some of the following commands, however, can only be used by staff. The commands Players can use are as followed:

  • /g - For Guild Talks
  • /p - For Party Talks
  • /wb [user] - To welcome back people (local chat only)
  • /poke "[player]" - Gives the message (Player poked Player!)
  • /praise "[player]" - Gives the Message (Player praised Player!)
  • /away - Gives you the status of "Away", and lets everyone know about it in public. (type again to have a return message)
  • /status [status] - Gives you a message to the right of your name (10 character limit)
  • /hug [player] - Gives the Message (Player hugs Player)
  • /ping - Gives you the ping of PMU
  • /fps - Gives you the fps PMU
  • /edithouse - Lets you edit your own house
  • /leavehouse - Lets you leave houses
  • /giveup - Lets you spawn back to your spawn point
    Note: Doing so in a dungeon may result in lose of items.
  • /trade [user] - Allows some players to trade items (some items may be unable to trade)
  • /who - Tells you the amount of players online
  • /addfriend [user] - Adds a friend
  • /removefriend [user] - Removes a friend
  • /createparty - Creates a party (see here for party page)
  • /joinparty [user] - Joins the leaders party
  • /leaveparty - Leaves the leaders party
  • /kickparty - kicks a player from the party (leader only, outside of dungeons)
  • /online [user] - Shows if player is online or offline.
  • /myparty - Shows the players in your party.
  • /rules - Shows the rules
  • /commands - Shows the list of commands

Capture the Flag is a Mini Game that is playable in PMU.

Capture the Flag commands:

/ctfjoin - Join capture the flag game.
/ctfcreate - Create capture the flag game.
/ctfleave - Leave current capture the flag game.
/ctf *message* sends a message in the ctf chat.
/ctft *message* sends a message in the ctf team chat

If the Leader of Capture the Flag:

/ctfstart - Starts the game when there at least 4 players. [Leader only command]
/ctfend - Can end the Capture the Flag game. [Leader only Command]
/ctfflags (number) - Sets the # of flags [Leader only Command]


There are also a couple other commands that are useable without the standard /command format.

 !"Playername" "msg" - For Private messaging
F11 - to take a screenshot that can be found at this location: C:\Program Files\Pokemon Mystery Universe\Client\Screenshots
F10 - Lets a window pop up that shows the latest 300 battle messages
F9 -Lets a window pop up that shows the amount of players currently online

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