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Line of Sight moves can have the ability to glide, but it must be a Single Target move or have a range of no more than 4 tiles.

Name Range Cooldown PP Glide SingleTarget Misc
Blaze Kick 1 Normal 13 Yes No Has an increased critical hit rate and may burn the target.
Bullet Seed 8 Quick 20 Yes Yes None
Close Combat 1 Normal 10 Yes No Lowers the user's Defense and Special Defense by 1 stage each.
Double Kick 1 Below Average 20 Yes No Hits the target 1-2 times in a row.
Electro Ball 8 Normal 20 No Yes Inflicts damage depending on the user's and the target's Speed stat.
Energy Ball 10 Normal 18 Yes Yes May lower the target's Special Defense by 1 stage.
Fire Fang 2 Normal 24 Yes No May cringe and/or burn the target.
Fire Punch 2 Normal 25 Yes No Burns the target
Fire Spin 4 Normal 20 No Yes Traps the target
Flame Burst 10 Normal 20 No Yes None
Flame Charge 4 Normal 25 Yes No None
Flamethrower 10 Normal 18 No No May burn the target.
Flame Wheel 2 Normal 25 No Yes None
Flare Blitz 4 Normal 12 Yes Yes None
Fly 4 Normal 15 Yes No Can run while invulnerable.
Grass Knot 2 Normal 25 Yes No None
Grasswhistle 6 Normal 16 No No Makes the target fall asleep.
Heat Crash 1 Normal 10 No No Inflicts damages depending on the target's weight.
Magical Leaf 4 Normal 25 No No None
Quick Attack 4 Normal 30 No No None
Razor Leaf 8 Normal 17 No No None
Rock Climb 2 Below Average 20 Yes No None
Shadow Ball 10 Normal 20 Yes Yes None
Solarbeam 10 Above Average 10 No No None
Will-o-Wisp 2 Normal 17 No No None