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The PMUniverse DeviantArt page was created February 12th, 2010. Its a place where member can submit a variety of art. Each piece of artwork must accepted by a staff member before it will be available to view by its members.

Categories for Submission

There are 11 categories which a member can submit their art to as of May 2013.

Fan Art

  • Art that pertains to PMU.

Concept Art


  • These are banners or avatars that can be used on the PMUniverse forums.


Fan Fiction


  • These are skins that can be applied to the PMUniverse client. 

Story and Literature


  • This section is where players may submit maps they've created either in the in-game editor or the exterior-map editor.


Birthday Gifts

Desktop Background


Once every few months this group writes an update on the happenings of PMU. Usually an identical journal appears somewhere on the forums.


  • The founder of this group is Ankoku Flare
  • The first contest in PMU7 allowed contestants to submit their art/maps onto DeviantArt for judging.
  • As of April 2013, the group had 264 members and 295 watchers.

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