Poké currency
Poké is a type of currency used in PMU, just like the main Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. It is the form of payment accepted by almost everyone in the world, and can be used in shops in exchange for items. It is sort of like the dollar or pence of the Pokémon world, to put it in simpler terms. Other than trading, it is the most loved way of obtaining items from others.

Poké can be found in almost all dungeons such as Tiny Grotto and Seaside Cavern, and the amount usually varies depending on the intensity of the dungeon. For example, you will usually find less Poké in a smaller and weaker dungeon like Tiny Grotto in comparison to a strong one such as Mt. Barricade. When Poké is found in a dungeon, it takes up one slot in the inventory no matter the amount and will keep adding to that one slot.

How to obtain Poké


The Kecleon Shop

  • Defeating a certain boss or Pokémon that drops it, such as Roselia in Tiny Grotto.
  • Finding it randomly on the ground in dungeons (and outside if players are feeling generous).
  • Selling items to the Kecleon Shop or to other players.

Uses for Poké

  • You can buy items for a specific amount of Poké from the Kecleon Shop. For prices in the Kecleon Shop, see its page (above).
  • You can buy items from players, but there are no actual set prices for player-sold items, so the amount of Poké in need will always vary.
  • Xatu Appraisal accepts 150 Poké per opening of boxes found in dungeons, and they may contain very rare items.
  • House expansions for players cost considerable amounts of Poké, so it is advisable to save up for this special treat.
  • At the price of 100,000 Poké and an Explorer Rank of Master (13,500 points), guilds are available to be made by the player!

Poké is a very useful item, but it can be easily lost as well. If not saved carefully, it will all be dropped when you faint in any dungeon. To prevent this from happening, it is highly advised that one stores their Poké in the Kangaskhan Storage building, available in every town. Money saved in the storage will not be stolen or dropped at all, regardless of how you fare in dungeons.

Screenshot12 (2)

Having fun in PMU6 with poke

Having fun with Poké is common among PMU players in towns, as dropping 1 Poké at a time is among the easiest ways to spell something out on the ground. This little tradition has been around since many of the players can remember, and since nobody will complain over losing 1 Poké, this little thing is not expected to disappear as the game progresses.

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