The PokePodcast is a podcast created by Flairintha that is a series posted on Youtube. This podcast showcases episodes of the Pokemon Crusaders's adventures throughout PMU, which has members commentating while playing Pokémon Mystery Universe.

Introduction by the PokePodcast

Hello World of Pokemanz! This is PMU's one and only Flairintha, bringing you detail on PMU's one and only... Drum roll please... *Drumroll* Webshow! Here we have the finest episodes of epic adventures, cast members being stupid, begining a guild, and just about anything else! Just remeber kids, this is a show for fun and was done by profecionally trained Pokemon, so kids, don't try this at home! Bringing you the finest of PMU's dungeons, and the best of the people there. Watch as the Pokemon Crusaders attempt (get murdered) the strongest dungeons! Cheer on the Magikarps! And Hey! I'm a Torkoal! Alright, tune in on Youtube, and check out the PokePodcast! Signing out.

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